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310 FORTY-FIFTH CONGRESS. Sess. III. Ch. 87. 1879. _Si<>u>¤, cou- for females over twelve years of age, and for such flannel and cotton

  • “‘“°‘r goods as may be needed to make suits for boys and girls, per tenth_art1-

cle of treaty of April twenty-ninth, eighteen hundred and sixty-eight, one hundred and thirty thousand dollars; For tenth of thirty installments, to purchase such articles as may be considered proper by the Secretary of the Interior, for persons roaming; and for tenth of thirty installments, to purchase such articles as may be considered proper by the Secretary of the Interior, for persons engaged in agriculture, two hundred and fifteen thousand dollars; For pay of physician, five teachers, one carpenter, one miller, one engineer, one farmer, and one blacksmith, per thirteenth article of same treaty, ten thousand four hundred dollars; For pay of additional employees at the several agencies for the Sioux in Nebraska and Dakota, twenty-five thousand dollars; For industrial schools at the Santee Sioux and Crow Creek agencies, three thousand dollars each, six thousand dollars; 1877, ch. 72, For subsistence of the Sioux and for purposes of their civilization, as 19 $**1*-- 25*1- per agreement ratified by act of Congress approved February twenty- eighth, eighteen hundred and seventy-seven, including the cost of transporting supplies for the Red Cloud and Spotted Tail Sioux Indians from the Missouri River and Sidney, Nebraska, or Cheyenne, YVyoming, one million and ninety-ve thousand dollars; Pay of matron at Santee agency, five hundred dollars; Pay of second blacksmith, and furnishing iron, steel, and other material, per eighth article of same treaty, two thousand dollars; in all, one million four hundred and eighty-three thousand nine hundred dollars. SIOUX, SrSSETON, AND wAH1·EroN, AND SANTEE Sioux 01-* LAKE TRAV- ERSE AND DEVIL1S LAKE. _Si¤¤¤t<>¤, etc-, For seventh of ten installments of the su1u of eight hundred thousand S12;}; ch 389 dollars, named in a. certain agreement confirmed by act approved June ,8'S{M_'167j twenty-second, eighteen hmidred and seventy-tour, made by the com- ’ missioners appointed by the Secretary of the Interior, under the provis- 1872, oh. 325, ions of the act of June seventh, eighteen hundred and seventy-two, with 17 $*3*-- 281- the Sisseton and Wahpeton bands of Sioux Indians, for the relinquishment by said Indians of their claim to, or interest in, the lands described 15 Stat., 505. in the second article of the treaty made with them February nineteenth, eighteen hundred and sixty-seven, the same to be expended, under the direction of the President, for the benefit of said Indians, in the manner prescribed in said treaty of eighteen hundred and sixty-seven as amended by the Senate, said amendment as amended having bee11 ratified by the 1873, ch.1228, Indians, as provided by act of February fourteenth, eighteen hundred 17 S"“·¤ ‘*°6· and seventy-three, eighty thousand dollars. SIOUX, YANKTON TRIBE. Yankton Sioux. For first of ten installments, third series, to be paid to them or 11 Stat-- 7*1* expended for their benefit, per fourth article of treaty of April nineteenth, eighteen hundred and fifty-eight, twenty-tive thousand dollars; 19 Smw 287- For subsistence and civilization of two thousand Yankton Sioux, heretofore provided for in appropriations under “Fulfilling treaty with Sioux of diiterent tribes", sixty thousand dollars; in all. eighty-tive thousand dollars. ' SNAKES, WAL-PAH·PEE TRIBE. S Wal-pan-pee For eighth of ten installments, to be expended under the direction of 'yjkght 684 the President, as per seventh article of treaty of August twelfth, " · ‘ eighteen hundred and sixty-five, one thousand two hundred dollars.