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FOR'1‘Y—FIFTH CONGRESS. Sess. III. C11. 182. 1879. 409 dollars each, two thousand dollars; eight forernen at one thousand dol- Firodepartment, lars each, eight thousand dollars; six engineers, at ono thousand dollars °°“*m“°d· cach, six thousand dollars; six firemen, at eight hundred each, four thousand eight hundred dollars; two tillermen, at eight hundred dollzus each, one thousand six hundred dollars; eight hostlcrs at eight hundred dollars each, six thousand four hrmdred dollars; forty eight privates, at seven hrmdred and twenty dollars each, thirty four thousand five hundred and sixty dollars; six privates, at seven hundred and twenty dollars each, temporarily employed, four thousand three hundred and twenty dollars; repairs to engine houses one thousand dollars; ine], five hundred dollars; purchase of horses, two thousand dollars; repairs to apparatus, five thousand dollars; contingent expenses, including hose, forage, stationery, horseshoeing, washing, and miscellaneous items, twenty five thousand four hundred and twenty dollars; in all, one hundred and five thousand seven hundred dollars. For the courts, as follows: Police court, one judge, three thousand Police court. dollars; one clerk, two thousand dollars; one deputy clerk, one thousand dollars; two bailitfs, at three dollars per day each, one thousand eight hundred and seventy eight dollars; one messenger, nine hundred dollars; one doorkeeper five hundred and forty dollars; one justice of the peace, acting as judge in judge’s absence, six hundred and twenty dollars; United State’s m:u·shal’s fees, two thousand three hundred and sixteen dollars; rent of building for police court, one thousand seven hundred dollars; contingent expenses, including books, stationery, iiiel, ice, gas, witness fees, and miscellaneous items, two thousand and forty six dollars; judicial expenses, two thousand five hundred dollars; in all, eighteen thousand five hundred dollars. For the streets, as follows: Removal of garbage, ten thousand three Streets, ctc. hundred and fifty Eve dollars; street lamps, lighting, extinguishing, and gas, one hundred and twenty five thousand dollars; repairs to street lamps, one thousand dollars; erection of street lamps, one thousand tive hundred dollars; matches for use of lamp lighters, thirty dollars; one superintendent, eight hundred dollars; four lamp lighters, at four hundred and eighty dollars each, one thousand nine hundred and twenty dollars; one lamp lighter, one hundred and twenty dollars: Parking commission, one superintendent, twelve hundred dollars; one assistant superintendent, seven hundred dollars; contingent expenses, including laborers, cart hire, trees, tree boxes, tree straps, tree stakes, planting and care of trees, whitewashing, care of parks, and miscellaneous items, thirteen thousand four hundred dollars: Current work of repairs of streets, alleys, county roads, and so forth, one overseer of repairs, two thousand dollars; one clerk, one thousand nine hundred dollars; four supervisors of roads, at nine hundred dollars each, three thousand six hundred dollars; labor, cart hire, materials and miscellaneous items, seventy five thousand five hundred dollars; sweeping, cleaning, and sprinkling streets and avenues, thirty five thousand one hundred dollars; cleaning alleys, seven thousand five hundred dollars; repairs to pumps, two thousand five hundred dollars; cleaning 'I‘iber sewer, ten thousand dollars; in all, three hundred and twenty six thousand four hundred and fifty five dollars. For miscellaneous expenses, as follows: Markets, one market master, Miscellaneous one thousand six hundred and fifty dollars; one market master, one °XP°¤°°°· thousand five hundred dollars; two market masters, one thousand eight hundred dollars; contingent expenses, including gas, repairs, and miscellaneous items, four thousand five hundred and fifty dollars; rent of market site and property yards, one thousand one hundred a11d seventy five dollars; hay scales, two hundred dollars; rent of Distr·ict offices, six thousand dollars; general advertising, seven thousand dollars; miscellaneous items, books to register of wills, printing checks, damages, and so forth, six thousand Eve hundred dollars; in all, thirty thousand three hundred and seventy five dollars. For the health department, as follows: One health officer, three thou- Hm;}. amos,