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22 FORTYFIFTH CONGRESS. Sess. II. CII. 8, 9, 10. 1878. Jan. 18, 1878. CHAP. 8.—An act to authorize and direct the Secretary of State to affix the Great —·————·; Seal of the United States to a certain document therein stated. Be it enacted by the Senate and House of Rqzresentatiues of the United G ¤‘<>=¤i> Sw} Of States of America in Congress assembled, That the Secretary of State, be l;;E‘l°il §“}“€“ t;’l’° and he is hereby authoiized and directed to afiix the great seal of the g0:;2,e,;Qf°°r am United States, to the document entitled "The administrators of the United States government at the beginning of its second century." Approved, January 18, 1878. Jan. 31, 1878. CHAP. 9.—An act to change th<;;10caltionda1}d1_name of the Miners’ National Bank of

 Tal WOO , 1D01B.

Be it enacted by the Senate and House of Representatives of the United Miners’ National States of America in Congress assembled, That the Miners’ National Bank Bmik of Uwid- of Braidwood, in the county of Will, and State of Illinois, is hereby w°°d* m' authorized to change its location to the city of Wilmington, in the county and State aforesaid. Whenever the stockholders representing threefourths of the capital of said bank, at a meeting called for that purpose, determine to make such change, the president and cashier shall execute a certificate, under the corporate seal of the bank, specifying such determination, and shall cause the same to be recorded in the office of the Comptroller of the Currency; and thereupon such change of location shall be eifected, and the operations of discount, deposit, and lawful business of said bank shall be carried on in the said city of Wilmington. Nut to mrow, Sec. 2. That nothing in this act contained shall be so construed, as liability. in any manner to release the said bank from any liability, or affect any action or proceeding in law, in which the said bank may be a party or interested. And when such change shall have been determined upon Noticeofcbange. as aforesaid, notice thereof, and of sucl1 change, shall be published in one weekly paper in the said city of Braidwood, not less than four weeks. NOW Mme_ Sec. 3. That whenever the location of said bank shall have been changed from the city of Braidwood to the city of Wiln1ington, in accordance with the first section of this act, its name shall be changed to the Commercial National Bank of Wilmington, if the board of directors of said bank shall accept of the new name by resolution of the board, and cause a copy of said resolution, duly authenticated, to be tiled with the Comptroller of the Currency. Liabilities, ste., Sec. 4. That all the debts, demands, liabilities, rights, privileges, and

  • 0 f<>11<>w ¢h=ms¤· powers of the Miners’ National Bank of Braidwood shall devolve upon

the Commercial National Bank of Wilmington whenever such change of name is effected. Hyypsn to wks _, Sec. 5. That this act shall take effect and be in force from and after 0 vc - 1 s passage. Approved, January 31, 1878. Feb. 1,18‘78. CHAP. 10.—Au act to further rcigulate (php pgirchase of material for the public

 pI`1l1 l11g` {lll 111 1[lg.

Be it enacted by the Senate and House of Representatives of the United Ifnrebase of ma. States of America in Congress assembled,`That the Joint Committee on tenulp for publiu Public Printing be and hereby is authorized to give permission to the

 “‘ °P°“ Public Prmter to purchase material in open market, whenever in their

` opinion, it would not promote the public interest to advertize for pro- Limit to amount. posals and to make contracts for the same: Provided, however, That the purchases authorized by this act shall not in any term of six months, exceed the sum of fifty dollars for any particular article required. Approved, February 1, 1878.