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FORTY-FIFTH CONGRESS. Sess. IH. C11. 195. 1879. 475 or supplied; To make up and forward to the Superintendent of Census Duties of superthe accounts required for ascertaining the amount of compensation due "iS°”» °°“”°i¤“*’d· under the provisions of this act to each enumerator of his district. Sec. G. Each supervisor of census shall, upon the completion of his Pay of superduties to the satisfaction of the Secretary of the Interior, receive the **80***- sum of five hundred dollars in full compensation for all services rendered and expenses incurred by him, except an allowance for clerk hire may be made, at the discretion of the Superintendent of Census. Sec. 7. No enumerator shall be deemed qualified to enter upon his Enumeriimrs. duties until he has received from the supervisor of census of the district to which he belongs a commission, under his hand, authorizing him to perform the duties of an enumerator, and setting forth the boundaries of the subdivision within which such duties are to be performed by him. He shall, moreover, take and subscribe the following oath or affirmation: " I, ---- —-—, an enumerator for taking the -—— census of the Oath of olive. United States, do solemnly swear (or afrirm) that I will make a true and exact enumeration of all the inhabitants within the subdivision assigned to me, and will also faithfully collect all other statistics therein, as provided for in the act for taking the —-— census, and in conformity with all lawful instructions which I may receive, and will make due and correct returns thereof as required by said act, and will not disclose any information contained in the schedules, lists, or statements obtained by me to any person or persons, except to my superior officers. (Signed) _—-—-— ---—-." Which said oath or affirmation may be administered by any judge of a court of record, or any justice of the peace empowered to administer oaths; and a copy thereof, duly authenticated, shall be forwarded to the supervisor of census before the date fixed herein for the commencement of the enumeration. Sec. 8. It shall be the duty of each enumerator, after being qualified Duties cfenumein the manner aforesaid, to visit personally each dwelling-house in his ra""- subdivision, and each family therein, and each individual living out of a family in any place of abode, and by inquiry made of the head of such family, or of the member thereof deemed most credible and worthy of trust, or of such individual living out of a family, to obtain each and every item of information and all the particulars required by this act, as of date June first, eighteen hundred and eighty. And in case no person shall be found at the usual place of abode of such family or individual living out of a family competent to answer the inquiries made in compliance with the requirements of this act, then it shall be lawful for the enumerator to obtain the required information, as nearly as may be practicable, from the family or families or person or persons living nearest to such place of abode: Provided, That Indians not taxed shall Promo. be omitted from the enumeration; but the Superintendent of Census may employ special agents or other means to make an enumeration of all Indians not taxed, within the jurisdiction of the United States, with such information as to their condition as may be obtainable. Sec. 9. And it shall be further the duty of each enumerator to forward Original the original schedules, duly certified, to the supervisor of census of his “1°S· district, as his returns under the provisions of this act. Sec. 10. The compensation of enumerators shall be ascertained and Pay of eniiineifixed as follows: In subdivisions where the Superintendent of Census W)"- shall deem such an allowance sufficient, an allowance not exceeding two cents for each living inhabitant, two cents for each death reported, ten cents for each farm, and fifteen cents for each establishment of produc-_ tive industry enumerated and returned, may be given in full compensation for all services; and no claim for mileage or traveling expenses shall be allowed in such subdivisions: Provided, That the subdivisions to Prcrviso. which the above rate of compensation shall apply must be designated