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PRIVATE ACTS OF THE FORTY·FlFTH CONGRESS or me UNIT]1]D STATES, Passed at the second session, which was begun and held at the city of Washington, in the District of Columbia, on Jlonday, the second day of December, 1877, and was aryourned without day on Thursday, the twentieth day of June, 1878. Ruruiznronn B. Hsrns, President. WILLIAM A. Wunnraazn, Vice-President and President of the Senate. Tuomss W. FERRY was chosen President of the Senate pro tempore on the twenty-sixth of February, 1878. He was elected to the same position on the seventeenth of April, 1878, and continued to act as such until the end of the session. SAMFEL J. RANDALL, Speaker of the House of Representatives. )lILTON SAYL1212 was chosen Speaker pro tenzpore on the eigzhteentli of May. and acted as such from the twentieth until the twenty-fourth of May, 1878. CHAP. 2.-An act for the relief of the sufferers by the wreck of the United States Dec. 14.1877. steamer Huron, and for other purposes. -*-1-- Be it enacted by the Senate and House of Representatives of the United States of America in Congress assembled, That to reimburse the survivors Relief of survivof the officers and crew of the United States steamer Huron wrecked 2;* 'sfr grgek °f off the coast of North Carolina on the morning of the twenty-fourth of °° ° u °°‘ November, eighteen hundred and seventy-seven, for the losses incurred by them respectively in said wreck, there shall be paid, out of any money in the Treasury of the United States not otherwise appropriated the following sums, to wit: To William P. Conway, master one thousand dollars. To Lucien Young ensign one thousand dollars. To Robert G. Denig assistant engineer cne thousand dollars. To Edgar T. \Varburton cadet engineer one thousand dollars and the following named survivors of the crew of said vessel, to·wit: Patrick Kane, Michael Trainor, Joseph Murphy, \Villiam McHugh, Michael Kennedy, Frank \\'atts, Peter Dutiy, Frederick Hoffman, William L. Houseman, Robert Sampson, Michael Durkin, Dominique ODonnell, August Lindgrist, Daniel Devoy, J. J. Robertson, Dennis Deasy, Samuel Clark, John E. Holland, John Collins, YV. W'. Brooks, Harry \V. Avery, Daniel Burgan, Frank May, Harry Nelson, Thomas Price, Antoine Williams, Joseph Hynes, Thomas Carley, E. P. Trainer, Edward Aaronburg, one hundred dollars each. Sec. 2. That the widow, child, or children, and in case there be not Reliefvfheirn of such, then the parent or parents, and if there be no parents, the broth- P°"’°““ l°“*· ers and sisters, of the officers, seamen, marines, and others in service, who were lost in the wreck of the said steamer Huron and of Captain J. J. Guthrie, of the Life Saving Service, and of those persons of the steamer B and J. Baker, who together with said Guthrie, were lost while attempting to render assistance on the occasion of tho said wreck, shall be entitled to, and shall receive out of any money in the Treasury of the United States not otherwise appropriated, as follows, to wit: the relatives in the order named of the persons connected with the Uuron, hereinbefore referred to, a. sum equal to twelve month's sea-pay of each person lost; the relatives of Captain J. J. Guthrie as hercinbetoreindicated, one year’s full pay of said deceased; and the relatives in the order named, . xx-—-32 (W7)