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500 FORTY-FIFTH CONGRESS. Sess. II. UH. 30. 1878. in each case as a. full and tinal discharge of, the several claims examined and allowed by the proper accountingofficers since December seventh, eighteen hundred and seventy-five, under the second section of the act of Congress approved June sixteenth, eighteen hundred and seventy- four, namely: lugisgict of Co- OF THE DISTRICT OF COLUMBIA. To Amelia O., Elizabeth T., Mary E. L., and Rosalie E. Berry, and Ann M. Middleton, each twenty dollars. To John F. Chesley, six hundred and thirty dollars. To Joseph T. Jenkins, ninety-seven dollars and twenty-eight cents. To Carlile P. Patterson, trustee of Catharine Pearson, deceased, one thousand and seventy-three dollars and sixty-eight cents. To James F. Peerce, ninety-tive dollars. Georgia? OF THE STATE OF GEORGIA. To \Villiam McGill, seventy-six dollars and fifty cents. Indiana; OF THE STATE OF INDIANA. To John M. Onion, nine hundred and eighty-tive dollars. Illinois; OF THE STATE OF ILLINOIS. To Andrew J. Dumford, one hundred and thirty-five dollars. To Matthew Randolph, eighty dollars. To William T. Smith, one hundred and twenty-five dollars. To Zera Waters, two hundred dollars. Kentucky; OF THE STATE OF KENTUCKY. To James F. Austin, sixty dollars. To John F. Alloway, sixty dollars. To James T. Baker, eightyseven dollars. To Lemuel K. Baker, fifty dollars. To Joseph Ballow, two hundred and eighty-six dollars and fifty-six cents. . To John M. Barbour, seventy-tive dollars. To Albert Bergen, one hundred and fifty dollars. To Julicott S. Berry, administratrix of Thomas S. Berry, deceased, three hundred and thirty-eight dollars and fifty-seven cents. To James C. Bradford, three thousand four hundred and eleven dollars. To E. B. Caldwell, eight dollars and one cent. To G. H. Champlin, two hundred dollars. To Elizabeth Chaudoin, guardian of infant children of A. J. Chaudoin, deceased, sixteen dollars. To R. II. Chism, two hundred and nine dollars and fifty-six cents. To Amanda Clark, administratrix of John Clark, deceased, fifty-eight dollars and lorty cents. To B. T. Cloyes, thirty dollars. To J. P. Coffman, one hundred and ten dollars. To Peter H. Conant, three hundred and sixty-two dollars and forty cents. To Alexander Cox, thirty-one dollars. To John L. Cross, administrator of Benjamin Lefler, deceased, one hundred and seventy-five dollars and fifty cents. To William M. Cruteher, eighty dollars. To Alanson T. Curd, two hundred and ninety-six dollars. To John Downey, two hundred and fifty dollars. To Joseph S. Dickinson, one hundred and fifty-two dollars. To Sidney S. Dunbar, ten dollars and fifty cents. To R. Scrogin Eastin, two hundred and twentytive dollars To Charles Edmonds, one hundred and twenty dollars. To James Elkin, one hundred and thirty-five dollars.