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FORTYFIFTH CONGRESS. Sess. II. Ch. 30. 1878. 509 vsons in the following proportions, to wit: To the proper representatives of T¢>¤¤¤¤¤<><°>» ¤<>¤· _ James \Vood, senior, deceased, (tour elevenths,) four thousand six hu11- ti““°d· dred and nineteen dollars and thirty-six cents; to James Woods, junior, (one eleventh,) one thousand one hundred and nity-tour dollars and eighty-four cents; and to the legal representatives of Jane Bell, deceased, .(tour-thirty-thirds,) one thousand five hundred and thirtynino dollars and seventy-nine cents. To William H. \Vilkinson,junior, administrator of William H. Wil- .kinsou, deceased, one hundred and twentyfivc dollars. OF THE STATE OF VIRGINIA. Virginia; To J. J. Moran, three hundred dollars. OF THE STATE OF WEST VIRGINIA. West V,,g,,,;,,_ To Samuel Arnold, eight hundre<l·a11d sixtyeight dollars. To Peter Babb, administrator of James P. Babb, deceased, four hundred and nineteen dollars and ninety-two cents. ‘ To Samuel Beau, one hundred and ninety-one dollars and forty cents. To George Bible, forty-tive dollars. _ To George Buckey, one hundred and lifteen dollars and sixtysix cents. To Benjamin F. Burns, administrator of Andrew Burns, deceased, two hundred and ten dollars. ‘ To Laban Conrad, two thousand eight hundred and thirtysix dollars and seventy-tive cents. » To Joseph Clifford, one hundred dollars. To John M. Coyle, executor ot William Crow, deceased, one hundred and ninetyeight dollars and seventy-tive cents. To John \\’. Duifey, one hundred and forty-tive dollars. To Allen Dyer, in his own right, one hundred and thirty dollars. To Allen Dyer, administrator of Roger Dyer, deceased, two hundred and sixty-five dollars. ‘ - To Patrick Faherty, five hundred and twentysix dollars. ’]‘o A. D. Farley, seventy-tive dollars. To Gabriel Fox, li ve hundred and sixty-tive dollars. To William Green, nine hundred and twenty dollars. To John Hall, in his own right and as administrator of Isaac Behan, deceased, one hundred and eighty-four dollars. To David Hedrick, one thousand nine hundred and nity-one dollars. To William E. Hedrick, executor ot Solomon Hedrick, deceased, seven dollars and hfty cents. To David Hess, two hundred and forty-seven dollars and htty cents. To William House, one hundred and three dollars and seventy-one cents. To David T. Howes, twenty-one dollars. To James lman, one hundred and thirtytive dollars. To Joseph Jarrett and A. F. Matthews, administrators of James Jarrett, deceased, six thousand four hundred and twelve dollars and fifty cents. To William R. Livesay, six hundred and ten dollars. To Archibald Lewis, administrator of Rachel Bunger, deceased, four hundred and eighty-seven dollars and fifty cents. To J. W. D. McCarty, six hundred dollars. To William McCoy, two hundred and five dollars. To John Michael, seventy dollars and eighty cents. To James W. Morrison, thirty dollars. To Adam Mouse, sixty-eight dollars and forty cents. To Lucy W. Packett, nineteen hundred dollars. To William M. Randolph, four hundred and sixtyseven dollars and eighty cents.