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FORTYFIFTH CONGRESS. Sess. II. Ch. 7 T. 1878. 519 U¤b€Yl S- Clark. Sevier County, forty-six dollars. Ttnnessee, can- James C. Cobb in his own right, and James C. Cobb, guardian of John *i”“°d· S. Cobb, Hamilton County, nve hundred and seventy dollars. Sampson D. Cole, administrator with the will annexed of Sarah Thompson, deceased, and was also known as Sarah Lovelace, late of Knox County, ninety-eight dollars. A. A. Coleman, Hardeman County, two hundred and sixty dollars. S. L. Collins, Madison County, three hundred and nfty-seven dollars and forty cents. J. W. Corley, Davidson County, ninety-nine dollars. W. H. Craddoek, Hardeman County, ninety dollars. Mary E. Crane, Maury County, one hundred and nity dollars. Thomas Crutchfield, Hamilton County, three thousand one hundred and four dollars. Nancy H. Crouch, Shelby County, one thousand and eight hundred dollars. Amos B. Daniels, Maury County, seventy-nre dollars. Thomas Davis, Wilson County, tour hundred and eighty dollars. I David H. Dickey, Monroe County, seven hundred and twenty-tive t ollurs. William A. Dobbin, Maury County, eight hundred dollars. Wesley Drake, administrator of the estate of E. C. Drake, deceased, late of Davidson County, one thousand nve hundred and fifty-two dol. lars and seventy-three cents. B. G. Dxumwiighr, Williamson County, two hundred and twenty dollars. Georgc Danberry, Shelby County, one hundred and fifty dollars. Samuel Feathers, Washington County, three hundred and seventy- tive dollars. W. C. A. Foster, Maury County, thirty-two dollars. William A. Franklin, executor, and Mary C. Franklin, executrix, of the last will and testament of Jesse B. Franklin, deceased, late of Hardeman County, seven hundred and twenty-nve dollars. R. F. Galy on, Jefferson County, two hundred and seventeen dollars and nfty cents. Rebecca Young, formerly Rebecca Minor, Knox County, one hundred and two dollars and nity cents. W. T. Garrett, Coffee County, two hundred and sixty-nve dollars. J. W. Gass, administrator of the estate of A. H. Gass, deceased, late of Bradley County, ntty-nve dollars. Wesley Gaston, Mcaiinn County, twenty-nine dollars and twenty cents. James Glidewell, Robertson County, one hundred and thirty dollars. Pauline A. Gillespie, administratrix of the estate of James H. Gillespie, deceased, late of Franklin County, one hundred and forty-seven dollars and nfty cents. Robert Gillespie, Shelby County, one thousand and twenty-nve dollars. Sarah A. Goodwin, wife of George M. Goodwin, Rutherford County, six hundred and nfty-eight dollars and thirty-four cents. Joseph A. Harbison, Knox County, iorty-two dollars. W. M. Hixon, Hamilton County, forty-seven dollars and nfty cents. Thomas H. Harris, administrator of the estate of James Toone, deceased, late of Hardeman County, six hundred and twelve dollars and nity cents. John W. Hunt’s (deceased) heirs, late of Hardeman County, to wit; Mary V. Patterson, four hundred and thirty-three dollars and thirty-four cents; Thomas D. Hunt, four hundred and thirty-three dollars and thirty-three cents; W. D. Gaither, guardian of John W. Hunt, four hundred and thirtythree dollars and thirty-three cents ; making a total amount of one thousand and three hundred dollars. Elizabeth E. Herriford, Franklin County, ninety dollars.