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FO1I1`Y·FIFTH CONGRESS. Sess. II. Ch. 77. 1878. 521 John D. Scott, Hardeman County, thirtysix dollars and seventy-tive T¤¤¤•>¤¤<>¢, <>¤¤· ggg[g_ finned. William Shinpaugh, Knox County, one hundred and thirty-one dollars. James Wade, Knox County, seventy-nine dollars and nity cents. James B. Walker, Obion County, one hundred and forty dollars. James West, Maury County, three hundred dollars. John White, executor of the last will and testament of James White, deceased, late of Washington County, five hundred and eighty-seven dollars and fifty cents. Susan Winston and Caroline Smith, Davidson County, seven hundred and sixteen dollars and eight cents. Henry Watson, Franklin County, one hundred and thirty-nine dollars. OF THE STATE OF WEST VIRGINIA. West Virginia; Joseph Arnold, Mineral County, two hundred and twenty-four dollars and seventy cents. Fielding A. Barnhouse, Mineral County, one hundred and twenty dollars. L. F. Branson, Hardy County, one thousand and seventy-eight dollars. Martha. Brown, administratrix of the estate ol'Alfred Brown, deceased, late of Putnam County, eight hundred and seventeen dollars and twenty cents. George W. Cockrell, Jefferson County, eight hundred and seventy- tive dollars. Isaac Cook, Wyoming County, one hundred and fifty-two dollars and fifty cents. Gabriel Corley, Lewis County, one hundred and twenty dollars. Frances Davis, Harrison County, one hundred and twentyfive dollars. John F. Dayton, Mineral County, four hundred and fortynine dollars. David Deck, Berkeley County,`four hundred and fifty dollars. ' M. D. Dunlap, Pocahontas County, three hundred and eighty-nine dollars. James W. Engle, executor of the last will and testament of John Engle, deceased, late ofJeH`erson County, eight hundred and thirtysix dollars and fifty cents. William L. Fertig, Greenbrier County, one hundred and forty-four dollars. Jonathan Jenkins, Barbour County, one hundred dollars. Alexander Knight, Greenbrier County, two hundred and seventy-two dollars and fifty cents. Charles Langdon, Jeiferson County, one hundred dollars. Robert Lemen, Berkeley County, eight hundred and forty-two dollars and twenty—iour cents. E. B. Malcolm, Cabell County, one hundred dollars. Peter Price, Boone County, five hundred and five dollars. C. H. Progler, Jackson County, fourteen dollars and six cents. Francis A. Settle, Kanawha County, five hundred and seventy-one dollars and seventy-two cents. G. F. Sims, administrator of the estate of William Bosely, deceased, late of Hampshire County, one hundred dollars. Abel P. Sinnett, Kanawha County, two thousand five hundred and thirty-four dollars. \Villiam Sharp, Pocahontas County, one hundred and fifty-nine dollars. John A. Thomson, Jefferson County, six thousand four hundred and eighty dollars. John A. '1`homson (supplemental), Jefferson County, one hundred and nine dollars. Helen Welcome, administratrix of the estate of John Welcome, deceased, late of J eiferson County, two hundred and seventy-five dollars.