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FORTY-FIFTH CONGRESS. Sess. IL Ch. 243. 1878. 557 To William Wood, five hundred and fifty~five dollars. Georgia., contin- To Austin Wright», five hundred dollars. Md- OF THE STATE OF LOUISIANA. Louisiana; To Elizabeth J. Amacker, three hundred and thirty dollars To John S. Axley, one thousand four hundred and fifty-nine dollars. To Francois Bedat, three hundred and thirty dollars. To Zenon J. Broussard, seven hundred dollars To Henrietta W. Byrne, ive hundred and sixty dollars. To Adrien Croizet, two hundred and fifty dollars. To Babee Decuir, five hundred and three dollars. To Cornelius Donato and Aimee Gradenigo, widow and administratrix of Dubriel Olivier, deceased, fifteen thousand seven hundred and nfty dollars. To All`red Duperier, thirteen thousand three hundred dollars. To Azelie Escot, two hundred dollars. To Gervais Fontenot, three thousand three hundred and five dollars. To Leopold Guichard, one hundred and seventy~tive dollars. To W'illiam Hayden, six hundred and ififty dollars. To E. V. Hitch, administrater ol' A. L. Fields deceased, two thousand two hundred and forty dollars. To E. V. Hitch administrater of A. L. Fields, deceased, two thousand three hundred and seventy-one dollars. To Zacharie Honore, six hundred and ten dollars. To Joseph Key and Voltine Key, heirs of Devine Decuir, deceased, two hundred and eighty-five dollars. To Antoine Pollard, one thousand and fifty-two dollars. To Aglae Porche, four hundred and twenty-two dollars and fifty cents. To Polyte Powell, five hundred dollars. To Antoine Ricard, one hundred and sixty-four dollars. To Julia Ann Shelton, two hundred dollars To Emily Walker, seven hundred dollars. To James Wood, seven thousand six hundred and forty-three dollars and twenty-ive cents. OF THE STATE OF MISSISSIPPI. Mississippi; To Matthew J. Babb, two hundred and sixty-six dollars. To \‘Villiam A. Bailey, one hun red and twenty dollars. To George Billings, eighty-one dollars. To Elisha Bowles, five hundred and twenty dollars. To Maria Carter, one hundred and sixty dollars. To Alexander Cash, four hundred and sixty dollars. To Joseph Castleman, one thousand and ten dollars. To William H. Childress, four hundred and seventy dollars. To Louisa L. Clarke, William L. Lane, and John L. Lane, heirs of Edward M. Lane, deceased, one thousand six hundred and ninety-three dollars. To David Combs, two hundred and ten dollars. To Andrew J. Conklin, guardian for minor heirs of Samuel Keistler, deceased, one thousand and fifty-two dollars. To Mary J. Crouch, executrix of James Crouch, deceased, for the use and benefit of Christian Davidson, wife of Tyre Davidson, Willis A., Mary B., John H., and Peter S. Crouch, loyal heirs of said deceased, two thousand nine hundred and sixty dollars and twentyfrive cents. To Squire Dillon, tour hundred and ten dollars. To Andrew Downs, five hundred dollars. To Urcilla Fondren, five thousand nine hundred and fifty dollars. To Russell Giles, one hundred and thirty-eight dollars. To Howell H. Goodrum, for himself and as guardian of Mary C. Goodrum, four hundred and eighty-five dollars.