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38 1·`()RTY-FlFTI[ CONGRESS. Sess. II. CII. 66. 1878. trary to the quarantine laws of any one of said United States, into or through the jurisdiction of which said vessel or vehicle may pass, or to which it is destined, or except in the manner and subject to the regulations to be prescribed as hereinafter provided. C0n¤¤l¤t<>_r<>i>9rt Sec. 2. That whenever any infectious or contagious disease shall ap-

Y""’”‘g° l‘*‘;"’“l¥ I"' pear in any foreign port or country, and whenever any vessel shall leave

°°°° PW °' any infected foreign port, or, having on hoard goods or passengers coming from any place or district infected with cholera or yellow fever, shall leave any foreign port, bound for any port in the United States, the consular officer, or other representative of the United States at or nearest such foreign port shall immediately give information thereof to the Supervising Surgeon-General of the Marine Hospital Service, and shall report to him the name, the date of departure, and the port of destination of such vtssel; and shall also make the same report to the health Tlwllh *•¤P¤**¤ officer of the port of destination in the United States, and the consular l'*` °““““1“‘ officers of the United States shall make weekly repor ts to him of the sanitary condition of the ports at which they are respectively stationed; $"F.*{<¢*>¤*·G¢‘**¢?*¤l and the said Surgeon-General of the Marine-Hospital Service shall,

 under the direction of the Secretary of the Treasury, be charged with

`,{,,,,_ the execution of the provisions of this act, and shall frame all needful rules and regulations for that purpose, which rules and regulations, shall he subject to the approval of the President, but such rules and regulations shall not confiict with or impair any sanitary or quarantine laws or regulations of any State or municipal authorities now existing or which may hereafter he enacted. Marine Hvspitq-l Sec. 3. That it shall he the duty of the medical officers of the Marine-

        • 6 $““*°“*;E 05* Hospital Service and of customs-officers to aid in the enforcement of the
';,r:m,Yti§:]a(:,rs?° national quarantine rules and regulations established under the preceding section; but no additional compensation shall be allowed said officers by reason of such services as they may be required to perform under

this act, except actual and necessary traveling expenses. Notice to smears Sec. 4. That the Surgeon-General of the Marine-Hospital Service QP 1***** °f d°******°‘ shall, upon receipt of information of the departure of any vessel, goods, '°“' or passengers from infected places to any port in the United States, immediately notify the proper State or municipal and United States officer- or ofrlicers at the threatened port of destination of the vessel, and shall prepare and transmit to the medical officers of the Marine Hospital Service, to collectors of customs, and to the State and municipal health authorities in the United States, weekly abstracts of the consular sanitary reports and other pertinent information received by him. When officers or Sec. 5. That wherever, at any port of the United States, any State State <1¤¤w¤t>i¤¤ or municipal quarantine system may now, or may hereafter exist, the

%;;:2 5h2f3g;;:? officers or agents of such sy stem shall, upon the application of the respectsys,6u,_ ive State or municipal authorities, be authorized and empowered to act

as officers or agents of the national quarantine system, and shall he clothed with all the powers of United States officers for quarantine purposes, but shall receive no pay or emoluments from the United States. When uiiicors of At all other ports where, in the opinion of the Secretary of the Treasg*f;_'*i:°‘tH;°l;*°“l ury, it shall be deemed necessary to establish quarantine, the medical ° V ° ° ° ‘ officers or other agents of the Marine·Hospital Service shall perform such duties in the enforcementof the quarantine rules and regulations as may be assigned them by the Surgeon-General of that service under this act: Provided, That there shall be no interference in any manner with any quarantine laws or regulations as they now exist or may hereafter be adopted under State laws. Repeats. Sec. 6. That all acts or parts of acts inconsistent with this act be, and the same are hereby, repealed. Approved, April 29, 1878.