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42 FORTY-Fl FTH CONGRESS. Sess. IL C11. 75. 1878. I•`¤~¤kW·Mi1i=¤‘- To pay Frank W. Millar, page for the Sergeant-at-Arms’ office, from October fifteenth, eighteen hundred and seventy-seven, until June thirtieth, eighteen hundred and seventy-eight, at two dollars and fifty cents per day, six hundred and forty-seven dollars and fifty cents. _Char-les S. Reis- To pay Charles S. Reissinger and John A. Travis, two thousand dol- §*¤8°F· ·l°h¤ A- lars, or so much thereof as the Committee of Accounts may find due I mV1S' them for services rendered during the Forty-fourth and Fortyfifth Congresses, and such others whose names have been borne on the soldiers’ roll during either the Forty-fourth or Forty-fifth Congress as shall be found due and shall be approved by the Committee of Accounts. W¤·t$0¤ B¤yl¤· To pay YVatson Boyle, messenger in the Speaker’s room, from April first to June thirtieth, inclusive, at three dollars and sixty cents per day, three hundred and twenty-seven dollars and sixty cents. DEPARTMENT OF THE INTERIOR. Printirg. For printing for the Department of the Interior, to be done at the Government Printing Office, being a deficiency for the fiscal year eight- _ een hundred and seventy-eight thirty thousand dollars. lf”*°l‘* O“]°°· For contingent and miscellaneous expenses of the Patent Office, as },0l\[ll1gBllI 0X• follows : p`ii?;{,i,.,rS€¤,(,,,t For reimbursement of contingent fund for incidental expenses for ¤£c¤nm»gentl‘nnd. labor and materials in protecting the property of the office at the time of and subsequent to the fire; fitting up rooms and providing cases for specifications and drawings to be removed from the attic of the Patent Office building; removal of the same; replacing and repairing furniture, cases, carpets, awnings, drawing materials destroyed by fire and daniaged by water; carpeting and furnishing rooms temporarily occupied by the Patent Office in Wright’s building; additional temporary laborers made necessary by the destruction, damage, and derangement of the files, models, drawings, and specifications, twenty-six thousand six hundred dollars. _ copies of draw- For photolithographin g, or otherwise producing copies of drawings of ‘"gS· back issues, to replace, in part, those destroyed by hre, fifteen thousand dollars. For photolithographing, or otherwise producing copies of the weekly issues of drawings, to be attached to patents and copies, twelve thousand five hundred dollars. Plates or Odicial For photolithographing, or otherwise producing plates for the Official G”’°“#°- Gazette, including pay of employees engaged on the Gazette, and for · making similar plates, twelve thousand five hundred dollars; this and each of the above items for the Patent Office being a deficiency for the service of the fiscal year eighteen hundred and seventy-eight. Hospital for In- GOVERNMENT HOSPITAL Fon THE INSANE. For the support, cloth- ”“°· ing, and medical and moral treatment of the insane of the Army, Navy, and Marine Corps, and revenuecutter service, and of all persons who have become insane since their entrance into the military or naval service of t.he United States, and who are indigent, and of the indigent insane of the District of Columbia, in the Government Hospital for the Insane, being a deficiency in the amount required for the support of the hospital for the fiscal year eighteen hundred and seventy-eight, nine thousand five hundred and eighty-three dollars. Frecdmen’s not- FnEEnMnN’s Hosrrriu. Arm ASYLUM. For rent of the buildings and pnal. grounds occupied as the Freedmen’s Hospital and Asylum in the District of Columbia, being a deficiency for the fiscal year eighteen hundred and seventy-eight, two thousand dollars. TREASURY DEPARTMENT. Storage of vfiver STORAGE OF SILVER DOLLARS. For constructing, repairing, enlargd°U”"· ing, and renting vaults and sales, for use of the Treasurer and assistant treasurers of the United States, the sum of seventy-five thousand dollars.