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T T TREATIES AMW CONVENTION S. Convention between the Postal Department of the United States of America. -l¤¤<>9¤¤d 2371875- and the Postal Department of the Dominion of Canada. `—""—";_` The Postal Department of the United States of America and the _C<>¤¤¤>»¤i>i¤gD¤f— Postal Department of the Dominion of Canada being desirous of estab- **6* lishing an exchange of money·orders between the two countries, the undersigned, duly authorized for that purpose, have agreed upon the following articles: Anmore I. There shall be a regular exchange of money-orders between the two Exohsn go of countries for sums received from remitters in one country for payment ‘“°"°Y‘°’d""· to beneficiaries in the other. The maximum of each order is iixed at forty dollars, gold value, when M=¤i¤¤¤· issued in the Dominion of Canada, and when issued in the United States at fifty dollars in the national paper currency of that country, but no money-order shall include the fractional part of a cent. Anrrcnn II. The Postal Department of the Dominion of Canada shall have the Commissions. power to tix the rates of commission on all money-orders issued in the Dominion of Canada, and the Postal Department of the United States shall have the same power in regard to all money-orders issued in the United States. Each Postal Department shall communicate to the other its tariif of _ Exobangeof tarcharges or rates of commission, and these rates shall, in all cases, be *3*- paid in advance by the remitter, who shall not be entitled to repayment thereof. It is understood, moreover, that each Department is authorized to suspend temporarily, after having given sixty days’ notice of Suspensions. such intention to the other, the exchange of money-orders, in case the course of exchange, or any other circumstances, should give rise to abuses or cause detriment to the postal revenue. Anricmn I1I. Each country shall keep the commission charged on all money-orders Pi§P°¤¤1°f°°m· issued within it, but shall pay to the other country one-half of one per m‘"‘°"°‘ cent. on the total amount ot such orders. Aarrrcmaz IV. The service of the postal money-order system between the two coun- E ¤¢h=~¤t!¤·<>f· tries shall be performed exclusively through the agency of offices of 6°"“‘ exchange, which shall be established in the United States by the Postmaster-General of that country. Eight such offices are hereby designated, viz: Bangor, Me.; Boston. Mass.; New York, (Jgdensbnrgh, and Buffalo, N. Y.; Detroit, Mich.; Saint Paul, Minn., and Portland, Oreg., and the number and location of these offices may be changed trom time to time by said Postmaster-General as the interests of the service may require. xx-—·tti (0735