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46 FORTY-FIFTH CONGRESS. Sess. II. Ch. 75, 76. 1878. seventy-four, to December thirty-first, eighteen hundred and seventy- four, two thousand dollars; in all, eleven thousand nine hundred and thirty-tive dollars and seventy-three cents. Approved, April 30, 1878. Apr;) 30, 1878, CHAP. 76.-—An act authorizing the Secretary of the Treasury to employ temporary -———-—-;- clerks, and making an appropriation for the same; also making appropriations for detecting trespass on public lands, and for bringing into market public lands in certain States, and for other purposes. Be tt enacted by the Senate and House of Representatives of the United Appropriations. States of America in Congress assembled, That the Secretary of the Treas- _ 'f¢=¤¤D<>P¤¤"¤l¤¤‘k¤ ury he, and he is hereby authorized to employ temporary clerks during in Treasury De- · ’ · Imtmmm the balance of the present fiscal year, and that the sum of six thousand tive hundred dollars be, and the same is hereby, appropriated for that purpose. Contingent ex- CUNTINGENT EXPENSES, TREASURY DEPARTAIENT. For care and Bvnsvs. Treasury subsistence of horses for office and mail-wagons, including feeding and °l‘“"*“‘°“*’· shoeing, and for wagons, harness, and repairs of the same, being a deticiency for the tiscal year ending June thirtieth, eighteen hundred and seventy-eight, one thousand dollars. For gas, drop-lights and tubing, gasburners, brackets and globes, candles, lanterns, and wicks, being a dehciency for the fiscal year ending June thirtieth, eighteen hundred and seventy-eight, two thousand tive hundred dollars. Mism·lln.n con s Sec. 2. For diagrams, furniture, and repairs in the General Land g;j2l*{(i*‘***‘*=¤lL=*¤d Office, miscellaneous items, including two of the city newspapers, to. be ‘ ·" tiled, bound, and preserved lor the uso of the office, and for advertising and telegraphing, the sum of seven thousand five hundred dollars; for the actual expenses of clerks detailed to investigate fraudulent land entries, trespasses on the public lands, and cases of official misconduct, f‘olla·tio_n a for seven thousand five hundred dollars: Provided, That all moneys hereto- ,"7’:,“d“"°"" °” fore, and that shall hereafter bo, collected for depredations upon the u" "' public lands shall be covered in the Treasury of the United States as llvwd mu on im- other moneys received from the sale of public lands: And provided fur- ‘"""`“-V‘d '“'“'”· ther, That where wood and timber lands in the Territories or the United States are not surveyed and offered for sale in proper subdivisions, convenient of access, no money herein appropriated shall be used to collect any charge for wood or timber cut on the public lands in the Territories of the United States for the use of actual settlers in the Territories, and not for export from the Territories of the United States where the tim- When may be ber grew: And provided, jarther, That if any timber cut on the public ”‘l’*‘d· lands shall be exported from the Territories of the United States, it shall be liable to seizure by United States authority wherever found. i,l.·iio;i1i"oreeibr Sec. 3. For the necessary clerical force to enable the Commissioner Tf'_'*'f_’*"·*_','*l** *¤A¤‘· of the General Land Offico to carry into effect the act of Congressap- ` ‘;,,f ,,.6 proved J unc twenty-second, eighteen hundred and seventy-stx, forbrin g- in Slug, 7;;_ ’ mg into market the public lands in the States of Arkansas, Louisiana, · Mississippi, Alabama, and Florida, twentyfive thousand dollars. imnsion Bureau, For heating and gas of the building now occupied by the Pension “"¤°°"¤"*=°¤¤- Bureau on Pennsylvania avenue, for tilecases, desks, printing, pensioncertificates, furniture, carpets, and other things necessary in said bureau for the present fiscal year, the sum of four thousand dollars. P¤¤t¤·0f¥ic¤ Dv- For printing and binding for the Post·Oii·ice Department, to be H$`“;‘;“*» P"”*‘ ilone at the Government Printing Office, thirty-tive thousand dol- ’ars. _ Plans for repair- That the sum of six hundred dollars be appropriated to enable the

m£‘;f"°* D°‘ Secretary of the Interior to secure competitive plans for repairing and re-

' " construction of the Interior Department building, lately injured by fire, _ _ ns recommended by the Secretary of the interior. ,,013‘§*°§,[",{E,;,f;L‘,: _For_detecting and bringing to trial and punishment persons guilty of N,,,,,,,,,,, 1,,,,.,, violating the internal revenue laws, or conniving at the same, including