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CONVENTION-ITALY. Muze}: 31 Arm Arm:. 20, 1877. 689 payment in Italy, shall be deter- per pagarsi in Italia, sara es.guita mined at the exchange office of dall’utizio di cambio di Nuova New York, according to the rate of York, conforme all aggio a favore premium on gold on the day of re- dell’or0 nel giorno in cni avra. ceipt at that office of notilicatiou ricevuto avviso dellwffettuazione di of such deposits. On the other quel deposito. D’altra parte la hand, the value in United States riduzione in moneta cartacea corpaper currency of money orders, reute negli Stati Uniti dei vaglia certified in the lists sent from the segnati negli elenchi spediti dalexchange office of Turin to the ex- Pufizio di cambio di Torino a qnello change office of New York, shall be di Nuova York, sara determinata, determined, (also at New York,) in (pure a Nuova York,) in conforaccordance with the premium on mita dell’aggio afavore de1l’oro nel gold on the day of the receipt of giorno del ricevimento di tali such lists. elenchi. ` Aivrrcmc XVII. Anrr. 17•. The orders, issued by each coun- I vaglia., emessi da ciascun paese Regulations for try on the other, shall be subject, sull’a1tro, saranno sogettnriguardo l>¤¥1¤¢¤t- » as regards payment, to the regula- al pagamento, alle norme relative tions which govern the payment of al pagamento dei vaglia interni nel domestic orders in the country of paese di desliuazione. destination. Ancrrcnn XVIII. Anr. 18·. Bam postal administrations mn. L’¤¤=~ e 1’=11tr¤· A·¤¤1i¤i¤t¤j¤¤i<>¤·> <’¤·¤1>*¤*¤*··- tually agree to receive complaints P08W1B §’iml’*’€Pa¤0 m*>lPY09a·j respecting international postal or- UQ9m'? *51 UCBVBW I_V°Cl*}m€* ¤>1¤t1_V1 ders, and to dispose of them in ac- ill Vaglm i¤t€¥`¤?Z10¤3;h» Gd ad dis; cordance with existing regulations P0_FF61¤_€0¤foF¤11t9·d€1 I'€§0l3m€¤U in each comm-y_ esrstenti nell’uno o nell’altro paese. Antrrcms XIX. Ama 19**. The post gmce Department in L’Amministrazione postale di Addi’¤i<>1·¤l111l•>¤- each country shall be authorized to Cmsclm P*‘*‘S° Sam _”}m’"?Z“m· ad adopt any additional rules, (it' not advttare FQSPIB addlzlonalllpurcbé inconsistent with the fgregoingdfgr 11011 dlSCO_I`dlI10 ·dullB precetlentl,) the greater security against hand, l)€f m¤8Sl0*Q‘=’ SWUTQZH 00mm l° or lor the better working of the #001, 9 PQ? ]l mlghom imdamenm System generally_ del servlzio in generale. _ _ _ All such additional rules, how- Tum? quesw T980m Specmh PHO (wg]-, must be cOm]]]u]]i. (IOVTIIDDO CSSEPC pI"t)Ill,3[D€lJt9 COD]- cated to the Post Officebepartment mumcata *m’Amm*¤*StY**Z*0¤° P°‘ of the Other comm-y_ stale dell’altro paese. ARTICLE XX. Ama 20**. Thepresentconvention shall take La P*`€S8“t° c0“V?"i0I}° avm C°"'{Y"`,"°°"`°"t eggs; on the Second duxr of July, eifetto dal due Lugho milleotto- *****1 d'"·" "“· 011e thousand eight hundred and centosettantusctte, e sara _111B11N?; Seventy seven, and shall continue Dum 1** "*€°T" HUG aldgdffl Hm:} 111 fOr0e until twelve months after $101101** date In 0]}* mm nc 2 par { the date at which one of the con- interessate abbia not: ca of a rr-acting parties shall have notitiegl l’=1lt1¤ le “““ ‘“*’“““‘°“° ‘ ‘“‘°" the other of its intention to termi- cessare. nate it. xx-—44