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706 GONVENTlON—VICTORlA. JAN. 28, 1878. JM- 2*% *878- Postal Convention between the United States of America and the Colonial Government of Victoria. Contmctingpar- The undersigned, David M. Key, Postmaster General of the United ms- States of America, by virtue of the powers vested in him by law, and Mr. George Collins Levey, specially empowered for that purpose by the Postmaster General of the Colony of Victoria, have agreed upon the following articles, subject to approval by the President of the United States, and ratification by the government of the Colony of Victoria, viz: ARTICLE I. Exchange of There shall be an exchange of correspondence between the United milk- States of America and the Colony of Victoria by means of the direct line of colonial mail packets plying to and from San Francisco, as well as by such other means of direct mail-steamship transportation between the United States and Victoria. as shall hereafter be established with the approval of the respective Post Departments of the two countries, comprising letters, newspapers, printed matter of every kind, and patterns and samples of merchandise, originating in either country and addressed to and deliverable in the other country, as well as correspondence in closed mails originating in Victoria and destined for ioreign countries by way of the United States. Anrxoznn II. Offices or cx- The postoffice of San Francisco shall be the United States office of ¤l¤¤¤u¤· exchange, and Melbourne the office of exchange of the Colony of Victoria for all mails transmitted under this arrangement. . Ancrrcrn III. Accounts. No accounts shall be kept between the Post Departments of the two countries upon the international correspondence, written or printed, exchanged between them, but each country shall retain to its own use the postage which it collects. Lcgm- nm, The single rate of international letter postage shall be twelve cents in the United States, and sixpence in Victoria, on each letter weighing half an ounce or less,and an additional rate of twelve cents (sixpence) for each additional weight of half an ounce or fraction thereof, which shall in all cases be prepaid at least one single rate by means of postage stamps at the office of mailing in either country. Letters unpaid, or prepaid less than one full rate of postage, shall not be forwarded, but insufficiently-paid letters, on which a single rate or more has been prepaid, shall be forwarded, charged with the delicient postage, to be collected and retained by the Post Department of the country of destination. Newspaper, etc., The United States post office shall levy and collect to its own use on ¥¤i<¢¤= _ newspapers addressee} to Victoria a postage charge of two cents, and on In U"'*°d S°“t°" all other articles of printed matter, patterns and samples of merchandise addressed to Victoria, a postage charge of tour cents per each weight of four ounces or traction of tour ounces. Invictcrin. The post office of Victoria. shall levy and collect to its own use on newspapers and other articles of printed matter, patterns and samples of merchandise addressed to the United States, the regular rates of domestic postage chargeable thereon by the laws and regulations of the Colony of Victoria.