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50 FORTY-FIFTH CONGRESS. Sess. II. Ch. 91. 1878. service, not exceeding seven thousand five hundred men in all, two million four hundred thousand dollars. S 8 ¤ V6 tMi¤¤, For secretaries to the Admiral and Vice-Admiral clerks to fleet-paymas f}f{;°L°;2"‘ P"Yv ters, paymasters of vessels, clerks at inspections, navy-yards, and sta— W g ’ ’ tions, and extra pay to men enlisted under honorable discharge; ex change and mileage, and for the payment of any such officers as may be in service, either upon the active or retired list, during the year ending June thirtieth, eighteen hundred and seventy-nine, in excess of the numbers for each class provided for in this act, and for any increase of pay arising from different duty, as the needs of the service may require, fom}? hundred and eighty-one thousand seven hundred and twenty-five _ dollars. a8Dj;g;;j;’£;-m;?'?; That on and after the first day of July, eighteen hundred and seventy- c;,,.k,,_ eight, there shall be no appointments made from civil life of secretaries or clerks to the Admiral, or Vice-Admiral, when on sea service, commanders of squadrons, or of clerks to commanders of vessels; and an officer not above the grade of lieutenant shall be detailed to perform the duties of secretary to the Admiral or Vice-Admiral, when on sea-service, and one not above the grade of master to perform the duties of clerk to a rear-admiral or commander, and one not above the grade of ensign to perform the duties of clerk to a captain, commander, or lieutenant-compromo, mander when afloat: Provided, That the secretaries and clerks in service on the nrst day of July, eighteen hundred and seventy-eight, on vessels abroad, shall continue as such until such vessel shall return to the United States on the termination of its cruise. Contingent ex- For contingent expenses of the Navy namely: For rent and furniture P°“S°°· of buildings and offices not in navyyards; expenses of courts-martial and courts of inquiry, boards of investigation, examining-boards, with clerks’ and witnesses’ fees, and traveling expenses and costs; stationery and recording; expenses of naval prisoners in penitentiaries; expenses of purchasing-paymasters’ otlfices at the various cities, including clerks, furniture, fuel, stationery, and incidental expenses; newspapers and advertising; foreign postage; telegraphing, foreign and domestic; copying; mail and express wagons and livery and express fees and freight; all books for the use of the Navy; care of library; experts’ fees and cost of suits; commissions, warrants, diplomas, and discharges; relief of vessels in distress and pilotagc; recovery of valuables from shipwrecks; quarantine expenses; care and transportation of the dead; reports, professional investigation, and information from abroad ; and all other emergencies and extraordinary expenses arising at home or abroad, lling impossible to be anticipated or classified, eighty-three thousand o ars. cava ssmbnsh- For the civil establishments of the several navy-yards, one hundred m~nl¤·_ _ _ _ and fifty thousand dollars. And the Secretary of the Navy is hereby

 z';,";,,"";:: directed to institute a. rigid inquiry into the present system of the civil

ya,.,,_,_ establishments of the different bureaus of the several navy-yards, to the end that the civil force employed therein may be consolidated and reduced at least one-half from the existing complement, and to make report thereon to Congress at its next regular session. BUREAU OF NAVIGATION. Navigation and hFor fogcggg and local pilotage and towage of ships of war, forty-five D8Vlg{l1’»l0ll·S11p- t ()[]S3[] 0 afs, Pl'°’· For services and materials in correcting compasses on board ship, phd for adjusting and testing compasses on shore, three thousand dollars. For nautical and astronomical instruments, nautical books, maps, charts, and sailing-directions, and repairs of nautical instruments for ships of war, nine thousand dollars. For books for libraries for ships of war, two thousand dollars.