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FORTYFIFTH CONGRESS. Sess. Il. Ch. 91. 1878. 53 At the Naval Asylum, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania: For superintend- Naval Asylum. ent, six hundred dollars; steward, four hundred and eighty dollars; matron, three hundred and sixty dollars; cook, two hundred and forty dollars; two assistant cooks, one hundred and sixty-eight dollars each; chief laundress, one hundred and ninety-two dollars; tour laundresses, at one hundred and sixty-eight doll :rs each; eight scrubbers and waiters, at one hundred and sixtyeight dollars each ; six laborers. at two hundred and forty dollars each ; stable keeper and driver, three hundred and sixty dollars ; master-at—arms, four hundred and eighty dollars; corporal, three hundred dollars; barber, three hundred and sixty dollars; carpenter, eight hundred and forty-five dollars; water-rent and gas, two thousand dollars; ice, two hundred dollars; car-tickets, two hundred and fifty dollars; cemetery and burial expenses, headstones, and digging graves, three hundred and fifty dollars; improvement of grounds, five hundred dollars; repairs and preservation of all kinds, painting, and for grates, furnaces, ranges, furniture, and repairs of furniture, four thousand five hundred dollars; and for support of beneficiaries, forty-five thousand dollars; in all, sixty thousand eight hundred and nine dollars; which sum shall be paid cut of the income from the naval pension fund. Fund- BUREAU OF MEDICINE AND SURGERY. For support of the medical department, for surgeons’ necessaries for Surgeons’ necesvessels in commission, navy-yards, naval stations, Marine Corps, and “*"‘”· Coast Survey, forty-five thousand dollars. For the naval hospital fund, namely: For maintenance of the naval hospitals at Portsmouth, New Hampshire; Chelsea, Massachusetts; Brooklyn, New York; Philadelphia, Pennsylvania; Annapolis, Mary- land; Wasliington, District of Columbia; Norfolk, Virginia; Pensacola, Florida; Mare Island, California; and Yokohama, Japan, fifty thousand dollars. For necessary repairs of naval laboratory, hospitals, and appendages, Repairs. including roads, wharves, out-houses, steam-beating apparatus, sidewalks, fences, gardens and farms, cemeteries, furniture, headmarks for graves, thirty thousand dollars. For the civil establishment at the several naval hospitals and naval lab- Civil ¤¤t=»l>li¤h- oratory : For the maintenance of the several naval hospitals and naval “!‘;“fS““““"”·1h°“` laboratory, forty thousand dollars; and that the naval hospital at Pl ° s' Annapolis be, and the same is hereby, discontinued. For contingent expenses of the bureau: For freight on medical stores, Contingent oxtransportation of insane patients to the government hospital, advertis· P°”“°· ing, telegraphing, purchase of books, expenses attending the medical board of examiners, purchase and repair of wagons, harness, purchase and feed of horses, cows, trees, garden-tools, and seeds, fifteen thousand dollars. BUREAU OF PROVISIONS AND CLOTHING. For provisions for the officers, seamen, and marines, one million one Provisions. hundred and seventy-five thousand dollars. For purchase of water for ships, twentvfive thousand dollars mgummsc of wa- For contingent expenses: For freight and charges on shipments; Contingent exeandles and fuel; books and blanks ; stationery; advertising; post- P°¤¤°¤· age, telegrams, and express charges; and yeomen’s stores; incidental labor not chargeable to other appropriations, thirty-five thousand dollars. BUREAU OF CONSTRUCTION AND REPAIR. For preservation of vessels on the stocks and in ordinary; purchase P1"¤S¢>fV=¤¤ti0¤ of of materials and stores of all kinds; labor in navy-yards and on foreign "°“S°]*’· stations; preservation of materials; purchase of tools; wear, tear, and repair of vessels afloat, and for general care and protection of the Navy