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F ORTY—FIFTH CONGRESS. Sess. ll. Ch. 91. 1878. 55 grounds in order, at two dollars and twenty-eight cents per diem; fourteen laborers to assist in same, three at two dollars per diem each and eleven at one dollar and fifty cents per diem each; one laborer to superintend quarters of cadet-midshipmen and public grounds, at two dollars per diem; six attendants at recitation·rooms, library, chapel, and offices, and store, at twenty dollars per month each; twenty servants to keep in order and attend to quarters of cadet-midshipmen and public buildings, at twenty dollars per month each; in all, sixteen thousand one hundred and fifteen dollars and ninety-five cents. For pay of employees in the department of steam-enginery: For mas- Pay ofemployecs ter-machinist, boiler-maker, and pattern-maker, at three dollars and i¤ <lsPe¤‘t_me¤t ef fifty cents per day each; one machinist, one blacksmith, one moulder, “°"““"°"g‘“°°“"g· at two dollars and nfty cents per diem each; and two laborers, at one dollar and hfty cents per diem each; seven thousand six hundred and sixty-five dollars. For necessary repairs of public buildings, pavements, wharves, and Repairswalls inclosing the grounds of the Naval Academy, for improvements and furniture and fixtures, twenty-one thousand dollars. For fuel, and for heating and lighting the academy and school-ships, Fuel and lights. seventeen thousand dollars. For contingent expenses, Naval Academy: For purchase of books for Contingent · exthe library, two thousand dollars. PWS65- For stationery, blank books, models, maps, and so forth, and for textbooks, for use of instructors, two thousand dollars. For expenses of the Board of Visitors to the Naval Academy, two Mileage wBoard thousand six hundred dollars: Provided, That each member of the Board of Vim0f8- of Visitors shall receive not exceeding eight cents per mile for each mile traveled by the most direct route from his residence to the academy and return. For purchase of chemicals, apparatus, and instruments, in the depart- Chemicals, etement of physics and chemistry, and for repairs of the same, two thousand five hundred dollars. For purchase of gas and steam machinery; steam-pipe and fixtures; _ Miscelleneous rent of building for the use of the academy; freight; cartage; water; “’°m”· music; musical and astronomical instruments; uniforms for the bandsmen; telegraphing; and for the current expenses and repairs of all kinds; and for incidental labor and expenses not applicable to any other appropriation, thirty-four thousand six hundred dollars. For stores in the department of steam-enginery, eight hundred dollars. For materials for repairs in steam-machinery, one thousand dollars. MARINE CORPS. For pay of officers of the Marine Corps, as follows: One colonel com- P“Y· mandant, four thousand five hundred dollars; one colonel, four thousand five hundred dollars; two lieutenantcolonels, eight thousand dollars; one adjutnnt and inspector, one quartermaster, and one paymaster, ten thousand dollars; four majors, fourteen thousand dollars; two assistant quartermasters, nvc thousand four hundred dollars; twenty captains, forty-six thousand eight hundred dollars; thirty first lieutenants, fifty- four thousand seven hundred and fifty dollars; twenty-one second lieutenants. twenty-nine thousand five hundred and forty dollars; one brigadier-general (retired list), four thousand one hundred and twenty-Evo dollars; one lieutenant colonel (retired list), three thousand dollars; three majors (retired list), seven thousand five hundred dollars; one assistant quartermaster (retired list), two thousand one hundred dollars; three captains (retired list), four thousand four hundred and fifty-five dollars; one first lieutenant (retired list), one thousand one hundred and twenty-five dollars; two second lieutenants (retired list), two thousand one hundred dollars; one leader of the band, nine hundred and forty- eight dollars; one scrgeantmajor, one quartermaster-sergeatnt, and one