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FORTYSIXTH CONGRESS. Sess. II. Ch. 211. 1880. 187 can be made without serious detriment to property interests on the Rivcrs——Cont’d. Newtown side. Improving Narrows of Sabine River, above Orange, Texas, and to Sabine River. gegpen channel at its mouth: Continuing improvement, five thousand o ars. Improving Sabine Pass and Blue Buck Bar, Texas: Continuing im- Sabine Pass. provement, fifty thousand dollars. I Iinproving Tr·inity River, Texas: Continuing operations, four thousand T*ml*5’· co ars. Improving Arkansas River between Fort Smith, Arkansas, and Wichita, A’k”»”“·¤· Kansas: Continuing the improvement, fifteen thousand dollars. Improving Fourche Le Fevre River, Arkansas: Continuing improve- F <> 11 1‘ 0 h <> L 6 mei t, four thousand dollars. F°"`°~ Improving L’Angnille River, Arkansas: Continuing improvement, UA11g11i110- two thousand dollars. Improving Ouachita River, Arkansas and Louisiana: Continuing im- Oufwhimprovement, eight thousand dollars. Improving White and Saint Francis Rivers, Arkansas: Continuing White and Saint improvement, twelve thousand dollars. F’”#“°1S- , Improving Cumberland River, above Nashville, Tennessee, as follows: Cumberland. From Nashville to Kentucky line, fifteen thousand dollars; from Kentucky line to Smith’s Shoals, ten thousand dollars; at Smith’s Shoals, twenty thousand dollars. _ Improving Cumberland River, below Nashville, Tennessee: Continuing imprn vement, twenty thousand dollars. Improving Hiawassee River, Tennessee: Continuing operations, three H1*1W¤·¤¤<1¤- thousand dollars. Improving Tennessee River, above Chattanooga: Continuing the im- T*>1111<>¤¤<>¤· provemeut, ten thousand dollars. . Improving Tennessee River, below Chattanooga, including Muscle Shoals, Duck River Shoal, and shoal at Reynoldsburg: Continuing operations, three hundred thousand dollars. _ Improving Big Sandy River, from Catlettsburg, Kentucky, to head of Blg Sawy- navigation, fifty-tive thousand dollars; of which sum nfty thousand dol- . lars shall be expended in the construction of works at Louisa, according to the recommendation of William E. Merrill, major of Engineers, in his annual report, dai ed August twelfth, eighteen hundred and seventy-nine, and ive thousand dollars in the further improvement of the upper river. Improving Kentucky River from its mouth to Three Forks: Continu- K°11'°11°kY- ing operations, one hundred thousand dollars. _ Improving Ohio River: Continuing the improvement, two hundred 01110- and fifty thousand dollars ; of which sum one hundred thousand dollars shall be expended on Davis Island Dam, and one hundred and nfty thou- _ sand dollars on the river from its mouth to its head: Provided, That ten I*1‘<>*¤·‘¤>· thousand dollars of the last-named sum may, in the discretion of the engineers, be expended on Indiana Chute: And provided _/itrther, That PWM80- twenty-five thousand dollars of the sum for the improvement of the Ohio River shall be applied to continuing the improvement at Grand Chain on said River. _ _ Improving Wabash River, Indiana: Continuing improvement, twenty- Wabashfive thousand dollars. _ _ Improving Sandusky River, Ohio: Continuing improvement, ten thou- S1*11*l“¤kY· sand dollars. , _ _ · Improving White River, Indiana, from Wabash River to Portersville, Wl11m- and to the falls on West Fork: Continuing operations, twenty thousand dollars. . . Improving Illinois River: Continuing improvement, one hundred and Ul111<11¤· ten thousand dollars, of which sum one hundred thousand dollars shall be expended on locks and dams and ten thousand dollars lor dredging. M_ _ _ _ M_ Improving Mississippi, Missouri, and Arkansas Rivers: Removing SoUés5E1g1X; M1; snags, wrecks, and other obstructions, two hundred thousand dollars; Bm 1 of which sum one hundred thousand dollars shall be expended on the