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FORTY-SIXTH CONGRESS. Sess. II. Ch. 223. 1880. 203 ability of managing their- own affairs, and they shall also select lands _ Lands ttllotted and allot them in severalty to said Indians, as herein provided, and m “°V°*°·1*Y- supermtend the removal location, and settlement of the Indians thereon, and do and perform such other services as the Secretary of the Interior may consider necessary for them to do in the execution of the provisions of this act. And after the said commissioners shall have performed the duties C o m missioners specifically assigned to them by this act, and such other duties as the *0 make f¤J1 1‘¤· Secretary of the Interior may require of them, they shall make a full P°"*· report of their proceedings to the Secretary of the Interior, which shall set forth, among other things the name of each person to whom they may have apportioned and allotted lands as herein provided for with the name and condition of such person, showing who, upon proofs, are considered incompetentto take charge of their property, either as orphan , minors, or for other causes; and shall also exhibit the quantity of land assigned to each person, with the metes and bounds of such allotments. And said commissioners shall make an accurate map of the whole survey Map and survey. and proceeding, showing the partition and division aforesaid, a copy of which map shall be filed with said report; and the Secretary of the Interior shall cause a copy to be Bled in the General Land Office and copies shall also be filed in the office of the surveyors-general of Utah, Colorado and New Mexico, and also in the office of the register and receiver of the land district in which such lands or any portion of them may be situatc. Said commissioners shall further report the total num- Further report ber of acres allotted and set apart as provided by the foregoing agree- of ¤<=¤·== =>»U<>tt¤d· ment, the amount of such land tillable without irrigation, the amount of irrigation required, and the probable cost thereof. They shall also locate Agencies located. the agencies for the Southern Utes and the Uncompahgre Utes, shall furnish an e timate of the number of houses required, the cost of each, the number of school-houses required and the number of teachers, and the E St i m a t c of number of children of school age, and such other data as the Secretary “°};°°}‘h,;’}lf,°“ md of the Interior may require to enable him to make judicious expenditure S° °° ° I m" of the money appropriated in section nine of this act; and said commis- T°¤¤P°Wi¤¤ *119 sioners shall exercise direct supervision and control of all expenditures ,°Q,;’rg¤t’;Ld°Xf:;‘£;; under this act during the time they remain in the Ute country, under ,,, c 0 0 unt B md the general direction of the Secretary of the Interior; and they shall vouchers. render afull and detailed account of such expenditure, with the vouchers therefor, as now provided by law. Sec. 3. That the Secretary of the Interior be, and he is hereby, authorized to cause to be surveyed, under the direction of said commissioners, a sufficient quantity of land in the vicinities named in said agreement, to secure the settlement in scveralty of said Indians as therein provided. S e tt lenient in And upon the completion of said survey and enumeration herein ¤°V°l‘¤·ll¤Y· required, the said commissioners shall cause allotments of lands to be Allotment or mode to each and all of the said Indians, in quantity and character as set land m °°"°*‘°~1*5’· forth in the agreement above mentioned, and whenever the report and proceedings of said commissioners, as required by this act, are approved by the President of the United States, he shall cause patents to issue to each Patents issued to and every allottee for the lands so allotted, with the same conditions, re- ¤l¥jf'¤°$¤~ t u t strictions and limitations mentioned therein as are provided in said agree- ted ‘”;‘;l;,;‘:,d °’ ,,2,, ment; and all the lands not so allotted, the title to which is, by the said copjvgygdtglfuitgd agreement of the confederated bands of the Ute Indians, and this ac- States. ceptance by the United States, released and conveyed to the United States, shall be held and deemed to be public lands of the United States _T<> bg lipid 31116 and subject to disposal under the laws providing for the disposal of the gf’,5’§2°,a;df° “ public lands, at the same price and on the same terms as other lands of _ like character, except as provided in this act: Promded, That none PWM80- of said lands, whether mineral or otherwise, shall be liable to entry and settlement under the provisions of the homestead law , but shall be subject to cash entry only in accordance with existing law; and when sold d_Pu1L9g¤2$1¤0f¤f§l¤¤» the proceeds of said sale shall be first sacredly applied to reimbursing ‘“ 1 “ ‘°“ ° ‘ the United States for all sumspaid out or set apart under this act by