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378 FORTY-SIXTH GONGRESS. Sess. III. Ch. 108, 109, 110. 1g8L Much 2, 1881. CHAP. 103.-An act appopdati_1;;gririr10r;'i;e(yfi;<$1; ltheaerection of a pemtentiary in the Be it enacted by the Senate and House of Representattryesof the United Penitent i ar y States of America in Congress assembled, That the sum of thirty thousand

  • 1* D°·k°’°°* T°'“‘ dollars be, and the same is hereby, appropnated for the purpose of

“°f'I,pmp,,M,,,,,_ erecting, under the direction and SUIQGTVISICH of the Secretary of the Interior, a penitentiary building in said Territory ot Dakota, upon such tract or parcel of land, at or near the village oi Sioux Falls, in Mmnehaha County, said Territory, as shall be designated by the Secretary of the Promo- Interior: Provided, That the money hereby appropriated shall be devoted and applied exclusively to the purchase of the necessary grounds - and to the erection ofa penitentiary in said Termtory, and shall not exceed the sum hereby appropriated, including the sum expended for the purchase of grounds upon which to erect said penitentiary; and the Location. penitentiary of the Territory of Dakota is hereby located at or near the village of Sioux Falls, Minnehaha County, sa1d Territory, upon such tract or parcel of land as shall be selected and designated by the Secretary of the Interior as herein provided. Approved, March 2, 1881. March 2, 1881. CHAP. 109.--An act to provide for the sale of certain property owned by the United ——-——-— States in the District of Columbia. · Be it enacted by the Senate and House of Representattoes of the Un-ited Lumliof United States of America in Uongress assembled, That the Chief of Engineers, S',’*“i”I"* Q?‘“°“°* United States Army, in charge of public buildings and grounds in the §£,,,Ef,,]';;{j3S£§f District of Columbia-, be, and is hereby, authorized to sell and convey, `by good and sufficient deed, to each of the owners of lot one, square one hundred and eighty-four; lot five, square one hundred and eighty five; lots five, six, and seven, square one hundred and ninety-eight; lot twelve, square one hundred and ninety-nine, in the city of Washington, Distmct of Columbia, such portion of the ground immediately adjoining the front of said lots, or either of them, as will make the angles at the four corners Toms of ¤¤1o· of Sixteenth and K streets, northwest, right angles, upon payment mto the Treasury of the United States by said owners, or each of them, of an amount for the number of feet in each lot so to be conveyed at the rate the same may be appraised by three disinterested freeholders resident of the city of Washington, to be selected and sworn to aid Chief of Engineers impartially to appraise said real estate at the tr·ue value thereof in money ; and upon said sale the owners of said lots respectively shall pay into the Treasury of the United States, for the erection of school-buildings in the city of Washington, one-third of said purchasemoney, and the remainder thereof, with interest, in one year from the _ date of sale. No conveyance shall be made until all the purchase-money P'°•”·‘*°· is paul: frovtdcd, That said Chief of Engineers shall not sell or 0011V€Y eng portion gr any part of said real estate unless all the same is sold an conveye . . ~ Approved, March 2, 1881. March 2, 1881. CHAP. 11Q.——An act appropriating money towards the expense to be i11cl11‘1‘6d in tm ·"*··—·— centenmal celebration of the battle on Groton Heights and for other purposes. Bottle of G*‘<>*<>¤ Whereas, the battle of Groton Heighte was one of the closin GVGDW §T%”§%81?°"“""‘ of tho Amorioou Revolution, prccecuig the nnai san-sneer- or tnglmtish - ’ forces at Yorktown, in Virginia, only one month and thirteen days, and is logically and historically connected with that great event; and Ce tm M 1 _ Wh§P83S, t11B State of Connecticut has already commenced p1'0P¤·I`9·‘ brmgu. m ¤¤ <>· tions for the centennial celebration of this battle, the massacre 3M50¤d‘ ant upon the capture of Fort Griswold, and the burning of New London