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404: FOBTY-SIXTH CON GBESS. Sess. HI. OH. 130. 1881. Thirty_ enlisted That the Secretary of War, if the public_ necessity so requires, is mw d¤i¤¤¤M· hereby authorized to detail not exceeding thirty enlisted men for cle;-i. cal service in this department in addition to the force above provided. Contingent ex- For contingent expenses, namely: For stationery, office furniture, 1><>¤¤¤¤· miscellaneous and incidglntal :xpens?h1pp1uding purchase of profes. sional books and maps t ree thousand dollars. WarDopartment WAE DEPARTMENT ll3IHLDINGS.—FOI compensation of one engineer building- in the War Department building, one thousand two hundred dollars; 1 EF€‘“;??’T» ?°.“' one assistant engineer, one thousand dollars; conductor of the elevator,

,§,° gd 3},h£Qv“' seven hundred and twenty dollars; four watchmen; two laborers; one

’ Eroman; and twelve chajrvgomen, at one hundred and eighty dollars each · in all ten thousan dollars. Miscellaneous. For llaborffgeli lgght, and miscellaneous items for the said building, eight thousand dollars. ' For four watchmen, two firemen, and one laborer in the part of the Adjutant-General’s Office to be located on the first and second floors of the old Navy Department building, in all, four thousand nine hundred and eighty dollars. Adjutant-Gener. For contingent expenses of the Adjutant-Genera1’s Office, in the old vJ’¤ of5m Navy Department building, including fuel, light, heating apparatus, ,g;’;:°‘“g°“'° °X‘ matting, cleaning, labor, and incidental items of care of two floors of the Pold Navy Department building, two thousand five hundred dollars. Rent of building For rent of the building occupied as the Quartermastor—General’s <><=¤¤1>i¤<l as Q¤¤r— Oihce, ten thousand dollars. And where buildings are now rented for

’:§,‘c‘;f'G°“°" public use in the District of Columbia, the executive departments are

Exocudvo d0_ authorized, whenever it shall be advantageous to the public interest, to partments author- rent others in their stead: Provided, That no increase in the number of

    • 2 E; buildings now in use, nor in the amounts paid for rents, shall result

Cjllmbim therefrom. . Promo. _ Wetehmeu and For ive watohmen and two laborers in the building occupied by l;lé°*`%;¤ca3ic*é¤1l;1§ the Paymaster-General, four thousand nine hundred and twenty dol- I·;aymastor—Gene1·· IMS' a. Rent. For rent of the buildin g, four thousand five hundred dollars. Fuel, etc. For fuel and miscellaneous items, three thousand five hundred dollars. Building corner For four watohmen and two laborers in the building at the corner of 2,°;;;_’;*:;¤*h we Seventeenth and F streets, four thousand two hundred dollars; and for incl for vcgarmiicilg the egifire building, including the Ordinance Oiiioe, and or opera ing e ven iating an in summer re airs o steam warming Miscellaneous. and ventilating apparatus, and pay of gas; plgohaso of oil-cloth and matting for halls, and for general repairs and miscellaneous items, six · thousand dollars; in all, ten thousand two hundred dollars. Superintendents For compensation of the superintendents of the six buildings occuof Wd b,¤:1ld1¤S¤ pied by the War Department, at two hundred and fifty dollars each, GHB ggsgfmantl W" thousand five hundred dollars. P°“*“g°‘°“’·mP¤· posgagezlstainpi iogthe War Department and its blireatgsiras HE qui un er e os a nion to prepay postage on matter a esse to Postal Union countries, four thousand dollars. PUBLIC BUILDINGS AND GROUNDS. WG9 Publiv For clerk in the Oiiioe of Public Buildin s and Grounds one thousand gQ‘0§$;‘g" '"‘ d four hundred dollars; and for messengerln the same omce, eight hullg;,,,;, and mM_ dred and forty dollars. 8B11g8i'.- P¤l>h¤ s=¤‘d¤¤¤r· For the public gardener, one thousand six hundred dollars. b0f_;’l}:m““ md 1** f Fogha forolgaéi gud laborers employed in the public grounds, tWODli5’· ‘ our ou an dollars. g§»?¥§`¥“??¤g?'?5T .t.’{3}.E‘.$°l°.?§?.1‘Z;‘2i°2£2{”l.f$‘£§ ’.l.?il§;Z”" °“" "”°' “""’*‘*°“’ °“° “‘°“` W— OGPQIS. •