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FOBTY-SIXTH CONGRESS. SEss. III. Ch. 130. 1881. 407 For furniture, advertising, telegraphing, ice, and miscellaneous items, Items. including new books and books to complete broken sets, and other abso- ` lutely necessary expenses, nine thousand dollars. For expenses of storing, packing, and distributing official documents, including the purchase of boxes, one thousand five hundred dollars. For the rent of a portion of the building on the northeast corner of Rent of build- Twelfth street and Pennsylvania avenue, Washington, District of WSS ¤¤¤<l f<¤P P<>¤· Golumbia, occupied by the Pension Office, or any other fire-proof build- “‘°" °m°°‘ , ing or buildings that the Secretary of the Interior may select, twenty thousand dollars; and the Secretary of the Interior is hereby authorized S¤¢>¤=¤¤·¤w of Into contract with the owner of said building or other buildings for the "‘“’“°' '°°‘““k° °"“‘ rent thereof to the government, at a rate not exceeding twenty thousand mm R"' dollars, from June thirtieth, eighteen hundred and eighty-one, to June thirtieth, eighteen hundred and eighty-two. For rent for the accommodation of the additional clerical force provided for herein for the Pension Office, eight thousand dollars; two thousand dollars of which sum shall be available for the current iiscal year. For rent of a building for use of the Bureau of Education, six thou- Rent of buildsaud dollars. fop Bureau of ll 10 . For fuel, light, and repairs of the heating apparatus, eight thousand F¤;d,1ignt,1¤ettdollars. ing apparatus. · For stationery for the Department of the Interior and its several Stationery. bureaus and offices, forty-four thousand dollars. For postage-stamps for the Interior Department and its bureaus, as Pesmge-stumps required under the Postal Union, to prepay postage on matter addressed =”¢¤ 1¤9·i¤>¤‘*¤ Pwto Postal Union countries, five thousand dollars. 'll U'“°" °°‘“""‘°’· I For expenses of compiling the Biennial Register, two thousand dol- thienni¤,1 Regis- 3J.‘S. - er. GENERAL LAND OFFICE.—FOI the Commissioner of the General Commissioner of Land Office, four thousand dollars, chief clerk, two thousand dollars; gig G¤¤;;¥¤l 1;***;;* law-clerk, two thousand dollars; recorder, two thousand dollars; three c1,_,,j°Q gn}? Omasj principal clerks, at one thousand eight hundred dollars each; sixteen ’ clerks of class four; thirty clerks of class three; forty clerks of class two; sixty-two clerks of class one; thirty clerks at one thousand dollars each; and fifteen copyists, at nine hundred dollars each; one draughtsman, one thousand six hundred dollars; one assistant draughtsman, one thousand four hundred dollars; nine assistant messengers; twelve laborers; and six packers, at seven hundred and twenty dollars each - in all, two hundred and eighty-seven thousand eight hundred and twenty dollars: Provided, That the Secretary of the Interior, in his dis- Prwwvcretion, shall be, and he is hereby, authorized to use any portion of said appropriation for piece-work, or by the day, month, or year, at such Piece-work. rate or rates as he may deem just and fair, not exceeding a salary of nine hundred dollars per annum. _ _ _ FOI` diagrams, parchment paper for land-patents, furniture and repa1rs M1¤¤°U¤~¤¤°¤¤- of the same, miscellaneous items, for the actual expenses of clerks detailed to investigate fraudulent land-entries, trespasses on the public lands, and cases of official misconduct, and for advertising and telegraphing twenty-five thousand dollars. For1aw—books for the law library of the General Land Office, one, L¤iY={;l>¤<>k¤ f¤¤‘ thousand dollars. aw 1_r°'Ty' _ FOP rebinding tract-books in constant use, which have become damaged b01:§;>1¤<h¤e Mci by age and use, five thousand dollars. _ ‘ _ For connected and separate United States and other maps prepared Mara 111 the General Land Office, six thousand dollars. _ _ _ _ _ INDIAN OFFIGE.-For compensation of the Commissioner of Indian I g19mm1i:;>,;g;§f AHWPS, three thousand five hundred dollars; chief clerk, two thousand cgiogglmk clerk; d0llH·I‘S; one Enanoial clerk, at two thousand dollars; one p1‘1I1G1p2»l and Others? ’ bookkeeper, one thousand eight hundred dollars; four clerks of class I four; eight clerks of class three; one stenographer, at one thousand six hundred dollars; twelve clerks of class two; ten clerks oi class one;