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434 FOBTY-SIXTH CONGRESS. Sess. III. Ch. 132. 1881. Miami Indians who shall be more than twenty-one years of a c who , S se name shall be borne on the hst prepared as aforesaid the amount that he or she, as the case may be, shall be entitled to receive; and he, in like Gu dd, ns of manner, shall pay to the guardian of each minor whose name shall appear mim,,.,_ . on said list the amount that said minor shall be entitled to receive; Promo. Provided, however, That no payment shall be made to any guardian as such until he produce and deliver to the agent from whom he shall receive such payment the certincate of the judge of the court, attested by the seal of the same, certifying that such guardian has been duly appointed Bond. and qualined as such, and given bond, secured by unincumbered freehold surety, m the penalty of not less than three times the amount he shall receive from the United States on account of the payment so to be made for the benefit of said ward, which certificate shall be filed by said agent at_the time of making of his report and linal settlement. A copy of said list so prepared as aforesaid shall be furnished to said agent, for his guidance in the performance of the duties aforesaid, by the Secretary of Receipt for mon- the Interior. Said agent shall take the receipt of the persons so paid 61*8. l10W meds- atltesped in sizchumpnner as the Secretary of the Interior shall prescribe, w ic receip s be a voucher for said agent in the nnal settl t f Compensationto his accounts._ Said agent shall receive, in full compensationnf:>(i·nth)e ¤z¤¤*¤- services reqiured by the provisions of this act, a sum equal to three fourths of one per centum on the amount that he shall receive. The agent so appointed to_make said payments shall before entering on such Oath. duty, take and subscribe on oath, before some United States commissioners or clerk of some court of record, for the faithful performance of Agents Mud- the duties imposed by the provisions of this act, and make and execute abond, payable to the United States, in such penalty and with such security as the Secretary of the Interior shall require and approve. And the receipt of the sum due under this act shall be a Hnal discharge by each party so receiving of all claims whatsoever under said treaty ~ against the United States, Government. Appropriation. Sec. _6. That there shall be, and hereby is, appropriated, out of any money ru the Treasury not otherwise appropriated, the sum of two thousand five hundred dollars, or so much thereof as shall be necessary to pay the agents whom the Secretary of the Interior shall appoint fof the services and expenses required by the provisions of this act. _ Sec. 7. That the Secretary of the Interior is hereby authorized to ex- — g p5516V0D_ amine the claim of Isaac Vandeventer and James F. McDoweH,-att0rneyS mr and James F. at law, partners under the name of Vandeventer and McDowell, for MGD0W,,]], ,,,,,,0,, services rendered in the defense oi certain suits in the courts of the ucyznd of Mosh atgdlggiéiypa an relation to the taxation and partition of the lands of . . · es in om' 'd- —···=·»·»·»~-- dered said an ...g...,£*;‘tJ3.Si;giE’l?tE$;.“%?§ €3’§..§¥§t°“ll§£lf§Sli2t said lands and the partition of their lands pursuant thereto, and allow and pay to said attorneys such reasonable compensation as he may find legally or equitably due them for said services, out of the moneys due _ to said band, or out of the money due to any of said band, as he h_g§l?‘m°”Y °° b° may d00H1J1I8i?- And to enable the Secretary to properly examine said accounts, he may cause or permit testimony to be taken by said claimants and by said band, or by any individual or individuals of said band Proviao. under such rules as he may prescribe: Provided, That in making any such payment no part of the same shall be deducted h-om the share of any memlpleril of said band who received no part of the land so partitioned, nor s a any part of any such payment be deducted from the share of any member of said band whose membership was contested, and who pas reqiurcd by proof establish such membership to entitle him or eg to shams ipl the partition of said land. pprove , arch 3, 1881.