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448 FOBTY-SIXTH CON GBESS. Sess. HI. Ch. 133. 1881. Fort Leav en- For the erection of permanent barracks and officers’ quarters at Fort WOM- Leavenworth, Kansas, according to plans to be adopted by the Secretary of War, thirty thousand dollars. _ suwoysof Mary- For the expenses of the surveys to be made across the peninsula of lm} Md Dmwm Maryland and Delaware to connect by canal the waters of the Delaware P°“‘”""l“‘ and Chesapeake Bays, under the direction of the Secretary of War, ten thousand dollars. _ _ _ Site for building For the purchase of a suitable site in the city of Washington for the for P<*>¤¤i<>¤ B¤· erection of a brick and metal fire-proof building to be used and occupied _ "°”‘“‘ by the Pension Bureau, the building to be erected in accordance with plans approved by the Secretary of War and the Secretary of the Interior, under the supervision of the Quartermaster-General of the United States Army, the site for which shall be selected by him, subject to the approval of the Secretaries aforesaid, both as to location and price, and the title to the land to be approved by the Attorney-General of the United States, two hundred and fifty thousand dollars. ‘ UNDER THE NAVY DEPARTMENT. Navy.ys.rds, etc. NAVY-YARDS AND STATIONS. Po rtsm outh, Navy-yard, Portsmouth, New Hampshire: For water-works, live N- H- thousand dollars. Boston. Navy- yard, Boston, Massachusetts: For repairing rope-walk, twenty thousand dollars, to be immediately available. N<>¤?>lk· Navy-yard, Norfolk, Virginia: For two oisterns, five thousand dollars. M¤1‘··I¤l¤¤¤r Navy- yard, Mare Island, California: For continuation of stone dry- dock, two hundred thousand dollars. Pensacola. Navy-yard, Pensacola, Florida: To continue the improvement of the Pensacola Navy Yard in accordance with the recommendation of the Secretary of the Navy, seventy-five thousand dollars. Repairs and pres- Repairs and preservation at uavyyards : For navy-yards and stations, ¤¤¤>»¤i<>¤- three hundred thousand dollars. Marine Barracks, To complete the construction and repair of the Marine Barracks at W¤·¤h1¤l-Mn CNY- Washington, District of Columbia, one thousand dollars. Tombstones, na- To enable the Secretary of the Navy to cause to be constructed and val ¤¤¤{¤m‘y. Phil- placed over the unmarked graves of persons interred in the naval ceme- “‘l“l*’h‘“· at Philadelphia suitable headstones, four hundred and forty-five o ars. — Naval stations To enable the Secretary of the Navy to establish at the Isthmus of

 d‘j,P°{§;“ Panama naval stations and depots of coal for the supply of steamships

umm °of war, two hundred thousand dollars to be available for expenditure as soon as suitable arrangements can be made to the proposed end. Cemeteries in To enable the Secretary of the Navy to protect and preserve ceme- "°""’¤" ""‘“‘“"°°· teries in foreign countries used for the mostpart for the burial of Gillizens of this government, three thousand dollars, or so much thereof as may be necessary. Dispatch of vos- To enable the Secretary of the Navy to immediately charter or purj::_ c“2‘;‘If}:)dig’é` chase. equip, and supply a vessel for the prosecution of a search for the m,,,,,,,,r_;,,,_,,n,,tto_ steamer Jeannette of the Arctic exploring expedition (which the SGGFG- tary of the Navy is hereby authorized to undertake) and such other vessels as may be found to need assistance during said cruise, one hunrmmo. dred and seventy-tive thousand dollars: Provided, That said vessel shall be wholly manned by volunteers from the Navy. Naval Academy, Armory, Naval Academy: For the erection of an armory for the safe ¤Fm°¤’· keeping and preservation of arms, equipments, and ammunition, in HGH of the present wooden building, twentyfive thousand dollars. _ Repairs ofbuilrl- Repairs of building, Naval Academy: For the necessary alterations ma and repairs of the building of the department of steam-engineermga B k three thousand six hundred dollars. _ qm°},;;s’f" “ °·¤d Barracks and quarters at the Naval Academy; For construction of suitable barracks and quarters for the officers and enlisted men of the Marine Corps, forty thousand dollars.