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  • 560 F ORTY-SIXTH CONGRESS. Sess. *11. Ch. .220. 1880.

V ‘ 4§rkansa¤—C0¤— To Nancy Berry, nve hundred-and fifty dollars. ¤i¤¤¤d· To Ann Bonnell, three thousand six hundred and five dohm, To Thomas Boyett, two hundred and fifty-nve dollars. To Newell P. Brooks, seven hundred and fifty-nine dollars. 'To·Samuel Bryson, three hundred and Efty-seven dollars. To Archibald Buck, two hundred and ten dollars. To John Buttry, four hundred and ninety dollars. To Anthony Casey, two hundred and thirty dollars; To William M. Crawford, one hundred and twenty-five dollars. ‘To Thomas Cribbens, two hundred dollars. To Margaret A. Dement, three hundred and fifteen dollars. To Louisa F. Dill one hundred and fifty dollars. To James L. Duiii guardian of J. D. and Mary E. Duff, two thousand seven hundred and eighty dollars. - To John Estes, three hundred and fifteen dollars To Samuel Evans, one thousand four hundred and forty-seven dollars. 'To John Fincher, one-lmndredand twenty dollars. To George R. Foster, nine hundred and sixty dollars. To Elizabeth Fowler, one hundred and ·seventy-three dollars and seventy-five cents. To Henry French two hundred dollars. To John H. Glidewell, administrator of Nelson Wright, deceased, ninetysix dollars. To William Godbehere, five hundred and sixty-six dollars. To Noah Gordon, one hundred and thirty-five dollars. To James S. Guinn, three hundred and sixty dollars. To Miranda Gilbert Greer, four hundred and nfty-five dollars. To Joseph P. Hinkle, three hundred dollars. To Alfred Jackson, one hundred and ten dollars. . 'To Margaret Jackson, one hundred and twenty-Eve dollars. To Daniel F. Kennedy, one hundred dollars. - To Thomas Latham, two hundred and ten dollars. To Michael Landers, seven hundred and fifty-four dollars. To Sarah E. McMahan, widow of David G. McMahan, deceased, one ~ hundred and forty dollars. "~To·Cynthia A. McMillan, two hundred and thirty dollars. To James C. McMurry, one hundred and fifty dollars. To Joseph Malone, one hundred and twenty-fivedollars. To·Cyn1;hia C. Mann seventy-nine dollars. To John J. Mason three hundred and fiftythree dollars. To William H. Mlason, seven hundred and ninety four dollars and fifty cents. _ To Lewis E. Moulder, one hundred and fifty dollars and fifty cents. To John L. Murray, two hundred and sixty-tive dollars. To James Muse, seventy-five dollars. To Reuben Newman, one hundred and sixty-five dollars. To Thomas Nicholas, one hundred and sixty-five dollars. To William J. Parks, three hundred and fifty dollars. To James R. Patterson, one hundred and twenty—ve dollars. To Thomas J. Pendergrass, one hundred and fifty dollars. To John W. Price, seven hundred and one dollars. To Benjamin F. Rigsby, administrator of Isaac Warford, deceased, three ·hundred and twenty dollars. To Fanny Schaad, nve hundred dollars. 1mTo Samuel D. Shannon and others, three hundredand forty-four dol- To Rankin Sloan, two hundred and eighty-five dollars. To Archibald G. Smith, four hundred and fifty dollars. To George R. Smith, thirty dollars. To Catharine Stapp, administratrix of A. J. Stapp, deceased, 0116 hundred and sixty dollars. To Minerva Stewart, five hundred and forty-four dollars.