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644: FORTY-SIXTH CONGRESS. Sess. III. Ch. 175. 1881, lowed by the com- money in the Treasury not otherwise appropriated, to the several per ‘”l?“i°”°"° °f sons in this act named, the several sums mentioned herein, the same "“““"’· being in run for, and the receipt of the same to be taken and accepted in each case as a full and final discharge of, the several claims presented by such persons to the Commissioners of Claims under the act of March WL ch- 116. third, eighteen hundred and seventy one and reported to the House of 16 Sm" 5% Representatives under the said act, namely: Cmms mmm OF THE STATE OF ALABAMA. State of Alabama. To Jonathan Barton, the sum of one thousand two hundred and two dollars and fifty cents. To Murphy Bruce, administrator of William B. McGuire, deceased, six hundred and fourteen dollars and eighty-two cents. To John Gavin six hundred and sixty two dollars and fifty cents. To Andrew J. Herron, administrator of Samuel H. Herron, deceased, four hundred and forty-ive dollars. To C. T. Ladd, one thousand one hundred and ninety seven dollars. To Elias Thrasher, administrator of James Roberts, deceased, five hundred and sixty dollars. To John Washburn one thousand one hundred and twenty dollars. To Margaret Wynn administratrix of John Wynn, deceased, one hundred and ninety two dollars. . Arkvums OF THE STATE OF ARKANSAS. To Judy Anderson, widow of Charles V. Anderson, one hundred and twenty six dollars and seventy-tive cents. To Wesley Drake, four hundred and seventy dollars. . To Mary A. C. Harper, five hundred and twenty five dollars. To Cornelius H. Kidd, administrator of Tandy K. Kidd, deceased, one thousand one hundred and seventy two dollars and seven cents, To Henry Lackey, four hundred and forty dollars. To John L. McNeely, ninety-nine dollars. To A. A. Tufts, administrator of Hugh Lewis, deceased, one thousand _ seven hundred and forty dollars. To George W. Wines, one thousand and seventy-ive dollars. To Timothy, Mary Adelia, and William Stewart, children of Minerva Stewart, deceased, ive hundred and forty-four dollars; the same to be in satisfaction and discharge of claim allowed by the Commissiolwrs of Claims, in their ninth general report, to Minerva Stewart, and in full satisfaction and payment of appropriation made on such allowauee of the Commissioners of Claims to Minerva Stewart in and by act of Congress numbered one hundred and six (private), entitled “An act making appropriations for the payment of claims allowed by the Commissioners of Claims under the act of Congress of March third, eighteen hundred and seventy one, and acts amendatory thereof", approved June fo¤l‘- teenth, eighteen hundred and eighty. ' G¤<>1‘8i¤·— OF THE STATE OF GEORGIA. ` To Martin Brown, eight hundred and seventydive dollars. To Marion M. Diokw (heirs of) hre hundred and forty five dollars- To William Hetzel, five hundred and fifty dollars. To Pryor May, two hundred and eighty five dollars. To Sarah C. Gray (claim eleven thousand and four hundred and three) two hundred and eighty five dollars. To Sarah C. Gray (claim eleven thousand four hundred and four), five hundred and sixty-six dollars. To Nancy M. Stephens (lwidow of Curren P. Stephens, deceased, for her own use and as natura guardian for her children (heirs of Curren P. Stephens), three hundred and fifty-four dollars. To Milly Wilson, two hundred and twenty six dollars.