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TREATIES AN U CONVENTIONS. Agreement between the United States and Brazil, for the protection of trade- Sept. at 1618. marks. Oonoluded September 24, 1878, ratijteation advised ln; Senate January 29, 1879; ratt/led by President February 5, 1879; proclaimed June 17, 1879. BY THE PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA. A proclamation. Whereas an agreement between the United States and Brazil for the PM»¤¤l>1¤- reciprocal protection of marks of manufacture and trade in the two countries, was concluded and signed by their plenipotentiaries, at Rio de ' Janeiro, on the 24th day of September, 1878, the original of which agree ment is word for word as follows: Agreement between the United Accordo entre os Estados Unidos States of America and Brazil for da America e o Braail paraaprothe protection of the marks of teccao das marcas de fabmca e manufacture and trade. commereio. The Government of the United O Goveruo dos Estados Unidos mg°¤*'”*°'l“Kl’"‘ States of America and the Govern- da America e o Governo de Sua · ment of His Majesty the Emperor Magestade o Imperador do Brazil, of Brazil, with a view to the recip- no mtuito de prover a reciproca roeal protection of the marks of proteccao das marcas do fabrica e manufacture and trade in the two eommereio nos dcois paizes, concountries have agreed as follows: vieram no segum e: _ The citizens or subjects of the Os eidadaos e subditos de cada TF”»d**·¤’*"`k°· WO High Contracting Parties shall uma das Altas Partes C011liI'&0l78rIl1$0S have in the dominions and posses- gozarao nos (l01I11B10S c possessoes sions of the other, the same rights da outra dos mesmos direitos que as belong to native citizens or sub- os nacionaes em tudo quanto dm jects, in every thing relating to respeito a propmedadc das marcas prcilpertgdt in marks of manufacture do fabrica e commercio. an tra e. _ . . ' II; is understood that any perse!] F CDllGII1(l1(l0 que ,ii0(l() aqueg; MUDIGIDBJ laws \Vh0 desires to obtain the aforesaid que qu1{e1‘0bli€f? ¤¤I>F¢l·¤*°¤°l°¤’;*_ protection mustfulfilthe formalities pr0i]6G92»0 d6l{€¥f<l* Pmcuchcr fl? gl" foq\1lI'0d by the laws of the respect- mal1df1;l0S Gggggss DOIN 161* OS we countries, respec 1vos ‘ ’ · _ , . E _I11 Witness whereof the under- Elm KGSTGUIUUIQO do (P19 9b S'g"°'wr° Signed duly authorized to this end, ass1gnad0S, d6V1déMl19¤'¤<> in A- have Signed the present agreement dos para 08716 Hm; 3·¤S1g}W·¥j*0§S};cl_ 3-pdhhave affixed thereto the seals itil'? ¤»€(;£1‘;:m1§§ P“‘°I"’° 0 Girarms, OS ESS_ · , _ l DOUG in duplicate at Rio de Ja- 61190 Gm quphcam H0 Blggg J5; Miro the twentyfourth day of the neiro acs VIHW 6 q\13·liI`0_tO;0ut0S nloiilih of September, one thousand mez de Sélijimbro de ml 01 Clgllf hundred and seventyeight. setenta e 01T»0-W Gum HHMARD _ . HENRY Asum - tZE2£1lEF§§’vll£i“’{;’1¤“JfEH‘“"” litii B- DE Vw BW- And h E th u ent has been duly rjatiii<>d= _ __ . _ N0W,WlJh?r(l;?>re,0I{jmRuat§`;re(l··fl>Ilrd B. [iayes, P1‘eS1d6¤6b0fuE258l;I3gf£ Pr°°h'mm°u States of America, have oaused the said 2·g‘I'00m6Dl9 to 0 659