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FORTY-SIXTH CONGRESS. Sess. I. C11. 44. 1879. 39 FLORIDA. rimaa. From Bronson via Willis Mills, Fants Store MeDavids Store to Ocala. From Bronson to Levyville. From Sumterville via Frank Hayes’, David Knights’, John Harris, and W. A. Duells’ to Bartow. From Brooksville, via Apopka Lake and New Hope to Dampiersl From Myers to Eau Gallie. From Bartow to Eau Gallie. GEORGIA Georgia. From Hahird P. O. via Wills’ Mills to Avon P. O. INDIANA. Indiana. From Amboy via Redbridge and Pucker-brush to Wabash. From Memphis via Blue Lick to Chestnut Hill. KANSAS. Kansas. From Lacrosse via West Point, Hampton, Elm Valley, Bright Spring Creek to Wakeeney. ILLINOIS, Illinois. From Green Garden to Chelsea. From Raleigh via Long Branch and Walpole to Broughton. KENTUCKY. Kentucky. From Princeton to Lamasco. · From Combling Falls to Cumberland Falls. From Springfield via Hubbardsville, and Black Jack, Tennessee, via Millikens Store to Franklin, Kentucky. LOUISIANA Louisiana. From Houma to St Martins. From Donaldsonville via Fort Vincent, New River, Lane, Hope Villa and Bayou Vioknair to Amite City. MARYLAND. Maryland. From Prices Station to Ruttlesburg. From Oakland to Fort Pendleton. MINNESOTA. Minnesota. From Mountville via Transit Bismark, Moltke, and Grafton to Stewart. From Kenyon to Richland. NORTH CAROLINA. North 0M<>1i¤¤· From Ridgeway, via Clifton, Shoceo Mills, Brodie Place, Sledge’s Store, to Willia.1ns’ Store. TENNESSEE. T<>¤¤¤¤¤<>¤· From Beaver Hill, down the West Fork of Obedi River, to Nettie C. °ElBiiK Eaton’s Cross Roads, via Letinsgee, Huckney’s Mill, Beaver Ridge to Powells Station. ·