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740 CONVENTION-FRANCE. Ducmuenn. 29, 1879. " D N0. 2.” N0, ' "S 6 g, é 2 ui Quarter ending E Ig gG 5 0 n ·= ,2 ~ é` 3 é Post Othoe 5 ¤ Q -—-——-———-—- 3 q., § B Dgggartment *3 S <; ° ¤> ff H10 Q E I>> 18S_ Q Z Unamfseam g of · E . 0 America. w nh _ m To _. France and Algeria. Account International (I) Money-Order Service. of Postal Money Orders -— issued by Post Offices in the United States, From the and certijied by the exchange Post Officc United States of America. of New York for payment in --—- France and Algeria, the advices of which have been dispatched during the above named month; Month f,,__..__.. __... 183., with an account (II) of such orders the amounts of which have been restored by the French Post) gtlice Department e Post Office Department of the United States during the same period.