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108 FORTY-SEVENTH CONGRESS. Sess. I. C11. 23l, 236, 2159. 1882. any of said prescribed regulations, shall be liable to a penalty of not less than fifty dollars nor more than five hundred dollars, tobe recovered by infomation or by action of debt in the District Court of the U `t = l States for the eastern district of Michigan, with costs of suit, and shall, inaddition thereto, be liable to the United States, or to any person aggrieved by such obstructions, or injuries, or unlawful acts or omissions in a civil action for all damages occasioned thereby or by any of sa` 1 milawful acts, to said United States or such aggrieved person. Aridlif such damage orinjury to saild harbor, channels, approaches, piers, breakwaters, ocks, wharves, an other property of the United States in sz id harbor of refuge be committed by any steamer, vessel, or water-craft, or by the mlaster orfperslou in charge therpot, or if such master or other person in c urge o suc vesse shall wi lfully violate the re l. t' aforesaid, the aforesaid penalty of not less than fifty dollars ildrqmbrg than five hundred dollars shall be incurred, and such vessel shall be liable for the penalty aforesaid, and may be proceeded against by way ot' libel for the recovery thereof in any court of the United States within · I wléose jgirashdictitiln such vessel may be found. Steam sunch 1:0. . at the Score- tary of War may in his disc ti h »

t;°d f°’l*°·*'· hire a steam launch or tug, to be stationed 7at and usetlrgbddlt

‘ under the thgeition of sa: custodian, lor the purpose of enforcing the provisions o is act- an such a sum as ma be necess 1 thed- · Appmprimtm. ing ten thousand dollars, is hereby appropriatedfor the pfgchacseedshire i’$..?.‘L"»1‘.?$'&‘f,_,.".E."..‘Zi“1?i‘I’§.'5".§‘°f°Tl’°““°‘}*.5"“""`tgt“{}.'““i*Zi"‘“‘”*·i~°“iE" e a o necus iansa a t t apgroprgatieilu made for said harbor of refuge. P I Ou 0 G T r an s fer c { E0. . at after the completion of said harbor by the United States WM ¤¤¢l lm- Government the control shall be transferred to the Secretary of the ¥°';’;;":}'!,.‘::° S°°‘ Treasury. ` Approved, June 19, 1882. Juue22,1E. CHAP.236.—Auaottopmvilof th a t fth l. df ·"i···· pimgggxisopf the houses of Cdngsetss mud) t{:i$noEi’wm0a:il§•:i’;l:yee§°i¥n` Ei°go3- Be it enactedbythoSe¤atc uml1I R esentti I 'td C:)i¤l¤•¤r§:¤u$¤ of States of America in Congress aasesnbolglzc 'g1atqwrhenevlerm:nqy{·aip(;>rl<{7pi'i€¤»— em ······*'*¥ $.g‘.1°£§{.;f’“&.$}.‘§ "“"L‘.°’§¥.Z' E? ’”'“".i° °‘ ?°“““"i= £‘.°'i‘.""’“" ‘i“" ‘ 1*688, officers an e i gum"` · of the houses thereof, or for the expenses of tlg)s(:Pme;,So: anytmmmittdg thereof, cannot be lawfully disbursed by or through the officers specially ggrgigp with zushcigsburseriéeuts, such disburgements may be made for _ oses m insaia `t°ns thTreas fh United States, who shall takeppmlpeia xtbuchegs therefor ::1r eghaigg such disbursements against such appropriations; and the accounts therefor shall be audited and passed or rejected, as the law may require, m the samemanner that similar accounts are or may be required by haw tolic audited and passed or rejected, _ pproved, June 22, 1882. Jane 27, 1882. GRA?. 239.-::lmt tp izgpnmngigzr us¤Po! umlunitea States circuit 8 H0 rl11B] VRD'!. Be it enacted by the Senate and House Rqyyummr · Ed;] Pa. _ States of America in Congress assembled %1a‘t the Secretae:y'$` th; P" *° **¤¤`l<l¤¤z· ury be, and he is hereby, authorized and directed to purchase a site for _ and caplsg to be erected a suitable building, withtire-proof vaults there- I": 01* accommodation of the cn·cmt and district courts of the United