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FORTY-SEVENTH CONGRESS. Sess. I. Ch. 262. 1882. 129 For charges d’atlhires ad interim and diplomatic officers abroad, twenty thousand dollars. For salaries of the secretaries to the legatious at London, Paris, Saint S9°'°*°'i°° °f l°· Petersburg, and Berlin, at two thousand six hundred and twenty-five g°'t‘°"‘ , dollars each, ten thousand five hundred dollars. For salary of the secretary of legation at Japan, two thousand tive hundred dollars. ‘ For salaries of the secretaries to the legations at Brazil, Mexico, and Spam, at one thousand eight hundred dollars each, five thousand four hundred dollars. · _ For salaries of the second secretaries to the legations at Great Britgiriialgance, and Germany, at two thousand dollars each, six thousand Fsa ofaolk -l 'naS' h·,°lk*Ql · orlloulaurly er to the egatio t pam, one thousand two un bcuz gpm. **8* For the salary of the secretary to the legation (when acting also as int1•erpret}a]er) again; lfive thousand dollars. In or e sa of the interpreter to the le tion at Turkey three *9¤1¤¤*¤'¤ *¤ thousand dollars. ga ’ 1°$‘*‘°“· For the interpreter to the legation at Japan, two thousand five hundred dollars. __ For salary of clerk to legation in Central Amerim, one thousand dol- C6?1l&¤.l{*::!¤$:¤:¤ For contingent expenses of foreign intercourse proper, and of all the C¤¤*i¤8¤¤* ¤¤· _ missions abroad, yhty-five thousand dollars. ’ l’°”‘°“‘ For secretaries legation and eonsulsl-general at Vienna, Rome, and $9¢¤>*¤‘i¤• of I¤· Constantinople at three thousand five hundred- dollars each, ten thou- §:*{=’}_ :';g°‘;°:i md uva via].].., Rgmg, and Goustsntinm Scnnnnm B. 1>1•- Forsalary of the agent and consul-general at Cairo, five thousand Ocmnlates. dollars. ‘ · Fortheconsulsgeneral atlroudon Paris, Havana, and Bio de Janeiro eachsixthousanddollars,twmty-f¢;urthousanddollars. . , For the consuls-general at Calcutta and Shrmghai,eachhvctho!mand dollars, ten thousand dollars._ ‘ For the consul general at Melbourne, four thonsandilve hundred doh lars. For the oonsulsgeneral at Kauhgawa and Montreal, each four thousand dollars, eight thousand dollars. For the consul-general at Berlin, four thousand dollars. For the consnls-general at St. Petersburg Frankfort, and Halifax, at three thousand dollars each, nine thousand dollars. 4 For the consul-general at Mexico, two thousand dollars. For the consul at Liverpool, six thousand dollars. For salaries of consuls, vice~consuls,eommercial agents, and thirteen consular clerks, three hundred and thirty-two thousand one hundred dollars, namely: Grass I.-At four thousand dollars per annum. Gln me GREAT BRITAIN. Hong-Kong. HAVVAIIAN ISLANDS. Honolulu. Gus: IL-At three thousand ive hundred dollars per annum. ¤l¤•**°· CHINA. !‘0¤•Ir¤I; Banker; Canton; Anay; T£¤·Td¤§ 01\i11·Kia‘¤gi· Ni¤8P°• !I`I'b-—·~·~9