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144 FORTY -SEVEN'1!H CONGRESS. Suss. I. Ch. 263, 266. 1882. five thousand six hundred dollars, of which the United States shall pay one-half, and two thousand eight hundred dollars is hereby appropri- Wstei--stock ated for this purpose; interest and sinking-fund on water-stock bonds,

  • {°¤*?¤» *¤*°*'°**•¤d forty-four thousand six hundred and ten dollars; in all, one hundred

“'“k‘“$'f‘""°' and eight thousand six hundred and fifty dollars and fifty cents: Pro- €f;"h'°‘y8" to mood, That the ilscul year of the water department of the District of ,,.,,50,,, to 5,.,,; Columbia, shall be made to conform to the regular fiscal year of the year or general general government; and to carry this proviso into eifect the Commis- !°'°"¤m“°· sioners are empowered and directed to levy and collect waterrutes new authorized for the six mouths beginning January first, eighteen hundred and eighty-three, from and after the expiration of which time Pmriso. the rates shall be levied and collected annually: And provided further, T¤**¤¤'*¤’U¤**°d That hereafter the Treasurer, as exbflicio sinking-fund commissioner, gz? a_;';°’;m£,‘:{ with the approval of the Secretary of the Treasmy, is hereby authorized indsbwducs, fu and empowered to purchase any of the funded indebtedness of the sinking-[und for District of Columbia for the sinking-hind authorized to be created for the ¤°d°*¤P¤°';, ****1 redemption and payment of the water-stock bonds of the District of ¤’°Y"*°°* ° "*‘°'· cmmbm, as m his opinion maybe for are mu mmm or said msmct “‘°°" "°““f" srcoiumms. f *PP5°P¤*“°¤0:, Sm:. 3. That hereafter all moneys appropriated for the expenses of §S§Qc,':}"{-Q’:f:,'m_ the government of the District of Columbia, together with all revenues big to bg 46m5m of the District of Columbia from taxes or otherwise, shall be deposited i¤'1‘rouuryUnit•d in the Treasury of the United States as required by the provisions of S*;D°°§·m 105- section four of an act approved June eleventh, eighteen hundred and " seventybight, and shall be drawn therefrom only on requisition of the Commissioners of the District of Columbia. (except that the moneys uppropriated for interest and the sinking-fund shall be drawn therefrom only on the requisition of the Treasurer of the United States), such requisition specifying the appropriation upon which the same is drawn; { and in no case shall such appropriation be exceeded either in requisi- Disbursement tion or expenditure · and the accounts forall disbnrsementsof the Oom- ¤¤<=¤¤¤¤¤ mk missioners of said l)istriot shall be made monthly to the accounting ' "‘°"*mY· olicers of the Treasury by the auditor of the District of Columbia, ou vouchers certfiled by the Commissioners, as now required by law: Pro- _ Provioo. veiled, That said Commissioners shall not make requisitions upon the appropriations from the Treasury of the United States for a larger · amount during the fiscal year eighteen hundred and eighty-three than they make on the appropriations arising from the revenues of said District, including one-hdf of all general taxes paid in drawback certifisr g;..;, 35, cstes during said iiscsl year, as required by the third section of the act approved June twenty-seventh, eighteen hundred and seventy-nine, entitled “Au act fixing the rate of interest upon srroarages of general taxes and assessments for special improvements now due to the District of Columbia, and for a revision of assessments for special improvements, and for other purposes! Approved, July 1, 1882, CHAP. 266.-—A¤ not to authorize the construction of o brim acrou gnggg

 River at the town of Vsn Buren, Crawford Cougygfnkmssslja nk

Be it enacted by the Senate and House of Representatives of the United Saint Lou! wd State: of America in Congress assembled, That the Saint Louis and San gglwg; *:3:;* ;;° Francisco Railway Company a corporation organized under the laws of hwumct gd; the State of Missouri be, and is hereby, authorized to construct or mms Arkansas cause to be constructed, and maintain, a bridge and approaches thereto River M Ven Bu- over the Arkansas River at the town of Van Buren, Crawford County, "°”» ·'“k· Arkansas. Said bridge shall be constructed to provide for the passage of railway trains, and at the option of the corporation by which it may P•¤¤g• of ¤i1— be built may be used for the passage of wagons and vehicles of all "“Y *”“‘“r °*°· kinds, for the transit of animals, and for footpassengers, for such reasonable rates of tolls as may be approved from time to time by the