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FORTY SEVENTH CONGRESS. Sess. I. Ch. 284. 1882. 159 and eighty-four acres, more or less. An official copy of said map of definite location was, on this twentysecond day of August, anno Domuu eighteen hundred and eighty-one, produced before said special agents and the Indians in council, was fully explained to said Indians, and is _ hereunto attached, marked A, and made a part of this agreement. Also the several parcels of land situate along and adjoining the said strip of land hereinbefore mentioned between the one hundred and seventh degree of longitude west of Greenwich on the east and the mid-channel of the Big Boulder River on the west, as defined and described on a map produced before said special agents and the Indians in council on the day and date above mentioned, and fully explained to and understood by sand Indians; said tracts being designated on the aforesaid map by the letters A, B, C, D, E, F, G, H, I, J, and K, and containing, respect- _ ively, the following area, that is to say: Tract A, twenty-six and twenty~ three hundredths acres; tract B, twentyeight and fifty-four hundredths acres; tract C, twentysix and twenty-three hundredths acres; tract E · twenty-six and twentythree hundredths acres; tract F, twenty-six and twentythree hundredths acres; tract G, twenty-six and twenty-three hundredths acres; tract H, twenty-six and twentythree hundredths acres; tract I, twenty-six and twentythree hundredths acres; tract J , twenty-eight and thirty-two hundredths acres; tract K, twentysix and twentythree hundredths acres, aggregating two hundred and sixty-six acres, more or less, said map being hereunto attached, marked B, and made apart of this agreement; which last-mentioned tracts are intended for the use of said Northern Pacino Railroad Company for station-houses, depou, switches, and so forth. It is further stipulated and agreed that Tr¤¤1>¤¤¤- the United Stateswill not permit the said railroad company, its employees or agents, to trespass upon any part of the landsof the Crow Indian Reservation not hereby relinquished, nor permit said company, its employees or agents, to out any timber, wood, or hay from the lands embraced in said reservation. “And it is further stipulated and agreed that the Secretary of the Wagon-mms. Interior, upon such terms as he may see as to impose, may permit to be I constructed, maintained, and said Crow Indian Reservation » wegonaonds not ueeeding three nrnumbeqinqsddition s-to - lished wa.gon·meds vhieh may be nowiu use semis; the , three roedstoeonneetwitln thelineofsaidreilroed ntsnehpoints¤st£I1eSecrotary of the all of which wagon-roads shall be under the control of the vernment of the United States. “In consideration for the lands hereby relinquished, amounting in Payment tv the aggregate to five thousand sixhundred and nfty acres, more or less, c'°"’· and for the privileges herein granted, the United States stipulates and ‘ agrees to pay to the Crow tribe of Indians the sum of twenty-five thousand dollars, to be deposited in the Treasury of the United States to the credit of the said tribe of Indians upon the rotiticmtion of this agreement by Congress, and the necessary appropriation made therefor, the sum aforesaid to be expended for the benetit of said Indians in such manner as the Secretary of the Interior may direct; the same to be in addition to any and all moneys to which the said Indians are entitled under the provisions of the treaty of May seventh, eighteen hundred and sixty- 15 sm., 649. eight, hereinbefore mentioned. » ` “ All provisions of existing treaties with the Crow Indians not adected by this agreement are to remain in full force and edect, and this agreement is to be subject to mtitieotion by Congress. ·

    • Exeeuted at Crow Agency, in the Territory of Montana, this twenty-

second dey of Anpnst, anno Domini eighteen hundred and eightyone, as witness the fol owing signatures! _ _ _ _ Sec. 2. That for the purpose of carrying the provisions of this not into Am•r¤n=i¤*i¢¤¤— e¤'eet the sum of twentydve thousand dollars is hereby set aside, out of any moneys in the United Stowe Treasury not otherwise_appropriated, to be deposited in the United States Treasury to the credit of the Crow