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FORTY-SEVENTH CONGRESS. Sess. I. OH. 291. 1882. 167 company or corporation shall maintain, at its 0wu expense, from sunset to sunrise, such lights or other signals on said bridges as the Light Lights. House Board shall prescribe. N0 bridge shall be erected or maintained under the authority of this act which shall at any time substantially or materially obstruct the free navigation of said rivers and lakes; and if Nm; to obstruct any bridge erected under such authority shall, in the opinion of the fr¤• ¤¤viz¤*·i¤¤· Secretary of War, obstruct such navigation, he is hereby authorized to cause such change or alteration of said bridge to be made as will eifeetnelly obviate such obstruction; and all such alterations shall be made and all such obstructions be removed "at the expense of the owner or owners of said bridges. And in case of any litigation arising from any obstruction or alleged obstruction to the free navigation of said rivers caused or alleged to be caused by said bridges, the ease may be brought in the district court of the United States of the States of Louisiana and Mississippi in which any portion of said obstruction or bridge may be located: Pmvided, further, That nothing in this act shall be so construed Pnwiu. as to repeal or modify any of the provisions of law now existing in reference to the protection of the navigation of rivers, or to exempt these bridges from the operation of the same. Sec. 4. That all railroad companies desiring the use of said bridges Railroad compa; shall have and be entitled to equal rights and privileges relative to the ¤i¢}¤ to NW6 ¤¤¤ ¤f passage of railway trains or cars over the same, and over the approaches :f;d(§:u{°' $3: thereto, upon payment of as reasonable compensation for such use; and P° in ease the owner or owners of said bridges and the several railroad companies, or any one of them, desiring such use shall fail to agree upon the sum or sums to be paid, and upon rules and conditions to which each shall conform in using said bridges, all matters at. issue between them shall be decided by the Secretary of War, upon hearing of the allegations and proofs of the parties: Provided, That the provisions of Pmmo. section two in regard to charges for passengers and freight across said bridges shall not govern the Secretary of War in determining any question arising as to the sum or sums to be paid be the owners of said bridges by said companies for the use of skid bridges. _ · 81:0. 5. That any bridge authorized to be constructed under this act .8¤¤¤¤¤¤ry¤fW•r shell be built and located under and suhjent to such regulations for the n': ';,:r° security of navigation of said rivers and lakes as the Secretary of War dmvlgmm shall prescribe; and to secure that object the said company or corporation shall submit to the Secretary of War, for his examination and approval, Plan and loossa design and drawings of the bridges and a. map of the location, giving ¢i<>¤ tv M •¤b¤¤i# for the space of one mile above and one mile below the proposed loca- , tion the topography of the banks of the river or lake, the shore-lines at mm high and low water, the direction and strength of the currents at all stages, and the soundings, accurately showing the bed of the stream or lake, the location of any bridge or bridges, and shall furnish such other infomation as may be required for a full and satisfactory understanding of the subject- and until the said plan and location of the bridges are approved by the éeemtsry of War the bridges shall not be built; and should any elmnge be made in the plan of said bridges during the progress of construction, such change shall be subject to the approval of » the Secretary of War. _ Sec. 6. That the right to alter, amend? or repeal this act is hereby Special m expressly reserved; and the right to require any changes in said struct- ¤•¤¤•d W U ures, or their entire removal, at the expense of the owners there0f,_when· 8**** ever Congress shall decide that the public interest requires it, 18 also _ expressly reserved. Approved. July 12, 1882.