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200 FORTY-SEVENTH CONGRESS. Sess. I. Ch. 375. 1882. thirty-five thousand dollars, five thousand dollars of which shall be applied to the improvement of the line of inland navigation irom New Berne to Beaufort Harbor. . Roanoke River. Improving Roanoke River, North Carolina, five thousand dollars. Punprioo ond Improving Pamplico and Tar Rivers, North Carolina : Continuing im- T•¤‘ B¤V°¤· provement, ten thousand dollars. Trent River-. Improving Trent River, North Carolina: Continuing improvement, ten thousand dollars. ~ Waeeemaw Riv- Improving Waoeemaw River, North Carolina and South Carolina: •¤'- Continuing improvement four thousand four hundred dollars. Gr·e•tPedeeRim— Improving Great Pedee River, South Carolina: Continuing improve- °*‘· ment, six thousand dollars.. . sum River. Improving Santee River, South Carolina: Continuing improvement, twenty thousand dollars. · W•m>•¤> ¤¤¤- tclmprovingl Yappoo Cut, South Carolina: Continuing improvement n ousau ollars. WMM Kim'- Improving W633E5F5B River, South Carolina: Continuing improvement, fifteen thousan ars. A!i•¤¤l¤Fi*¤'· tmIm'€pir·ovingdAlltamaha River, Georgia: Continuing improvement, tifn ovusan ollars. Uh•*¤l¤>¤¤h¤¤ Improving Chattahoochee River Geor: Contin' t m"" _ twenty dive thousand dollars. ’ gm uing mpmvcmm 7 0¤¤•R¤*¤· Improving Coose River, Georgia and Alabama: Continuing improve- . ment, seventy-five thousand dollars; and the sum of eight thousand seven hundred dollars heretofore appropriated for the Etowa River i.s _ _ hereby transferred to the Coosa River below Rome, Georgia. Flmt Bmw- Improving Flint River, Georgia: Continuing improvement, twenty- tive thousand dollars, of which sum nfteen thousand dollars shall be expmendted below Albany and ten thousand dollars nom Albany to Monte-


¤_0¤k¤¤¤1se¤ Riv- thimprogling Ockmulgee River, Georgia: Continuing improvement, live ‘ ousrm ollars 0¤¤n••1iv¤·. Improving Oconee River Georgia: Continuing improvement live thousand doll of hich 7 th th . ca md pmded OQ Carlgsioalssv sum ree ousand dollars shall be ex ?°°““‘“*“,,“ my im;i1£’1;>;1:£’C•ols;e;pxa)ma agdlglcigslguattee Rivers, Georgia: Continuing Sevrsmtltvnr. 1I0V?!! SOV5N18h BNN', Georgia: Continuing improvement between cities otAugusta and Savanna t 41 _ the Savannah River sbhdutdtellgycityaolhxbigblsiaqoggmgon- Apdnmwh umm ¤¤P$¤'¤¤¤¤f·. fifteen dollars. ° mW_ _"£¤P¤m£ -g° l¤ River, Florida: Continuing improvement, . P°*'°'°*- r Implrsving Peas Creek, Florida: Continuing improvement, four thou- Soint John's [mpmvjn Saint Jolmys Ri m ·da_ . . . L B"°" one hundred and fifty mmundiltdhmotaand t?v(:rtt;“t:b€rsa!:drd<;ll;·;¤dt' this amount may be used on the river above the mouth if the Chief of i swam mm, shall consider it best for_the interest of eomineree. ~ th mprotynirglggwanw River, Florida: Continuing improvement five V luna Bar. ‘ · - . . , 0 £ v°l¤¤*¤ B¤!‘,Fl0!‘1d&= Continuing improvement, five thou- Cboetswhe bee Ima - · _ _ mum °" imprg’;g;’?‘;;]£ic:*°¢;; gégprtgbimgravjgr, Florida and Alabama: Contmmng twelve thousand) dollars of this amolnarittgheafllybtehousaniddlxluam TPM _ provement of the river above Geneva to Y wt xpm for um Im. thousand con 1 th * ° °“· A’“*"·"”'*· and °”° _ are o e balance for the improvement of La G Bayou from its mouth up to the town of Free rt Flmugs Cntoamtm mr _ Improving Escambia and Coneenb Riv pom, ·dmda' mwah Raven:. (Ammming improvement, twelve um dzrghmorn a and Alabama;