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FORTY-SEVENTH CONGRESS. Sess. I. Ch. 375. 1882. 205 Improvin g Des Moines Rapids, Mississippi River, Iowa, and Illinois: _ Desmoines Rep- Continuing improvement, thirty thousand dollars. ‘d“· Examinations and surveys at South Pass, Mississippi River: To as- _South 1{u.¤s,Miscertain the depth of water and width of channel secured and maintained “'““PP‘ R""- from time to time by James B. Eads at South Pass of the Mississippi River, and to enable the Secretary of War to report during the maintenance of the work, ten thousand dollars. Gauging waters of Lower Mississippi and its tributaries, and the clinging waters Columbia River, Oregon: Annual expense of gauging the waters of the °l P°"°5' gf"" Mississippi River and its tributaries, continuing observations of the rise Tizpfzizgm ° um' and fall of the river and its chief tributaries, as required by joint resolution of February twenty-nrst, eighteen hundred and seventy-one, tive thousand five hundred dollars, of which sum five hundred dollars for annual expense of gauging the waters of the Columbia River trom Astoria to the bar. _ . Improving Mississippi, Missouri, and Arkansas Rivers: Continuing Mississippi, Misremoval of snags, wrecks, and other obstructions from the Mississippi ¤¤!¤’*»_ ¤¤d A1‘k¤§- — , River, eighty-five thousand dollars; from the Missouri ltiver, sixty-five "' B“'°”· thousand dollars S from the Arkansas River, thirty-five thousand dollars. Improving Cuivre River, Missouri: Continuing improvement from cuivm River. mouth to Chain of Rocks, and removing snags and other obstructions, " ilve thousand dollars. Improving Gasconade River, Missouri: Continuing improvement, ten _G ¤ ¤ <= 0 rn u d ¤ thousand dollars. R"°"· o Improving Missouri River from its mouth to Sioux City, Iowa, includ- Mi¤¤>¤¤‘i Riming such harbors on said river now in the course of improvement as in the judgment of the Chief of Engineers will benefit commerce and navigation, eight hundred and dfty thousand dollars. Improving Missouri River from Sioux City to Fort Benton,_one hundred thousand dollars. Survey of Missouri River from its mouth to Fort Benton, Montana: Continuing the survey forty thousand dollars Improving Yellowstone River, Montana and Dakota: Continuing im- ye llowston s provement, twenty thousand dollars. REW- . Improving Bed River of the Nortlnlinnesota and Dakota: Contiuu- Rednim or the ing improvement, ten thousand dollars. - = · P · N°'***- . Oonstructingdamatiloose Rapids, Bed Biverof theNorth,Minne- Goosellapids. mh and Dakota: Continuing construction of lock and dam, thirty thou- Improving Saint Anthony’s Falls, Minnesota: Continuing improve- Saint AntncnY’¤ ment, twenty-hve thousand dollars. F'*““· Improving Petaluma Creek, California: Completing improvement, Petaluma Creek. fourteen thousand dollars. · Improving Sacramento River, California: For the improvement and _S so ram on to protection of the navigable channels of the Sacramento and Feather RM'- . Rivers, to be expended under the direction of the Secretary of War, two - hundred and fifty thousand dollars. , · . Improving San Joaquin River and Mormon Slough, California ; Con- _S¤u J 0 aq nin tinuing improvement, forty thousand dollars. - R""' Constructing canal around Cascades of Columbia River, Oregon : Con- C M: U ¤:_¤>g¤•! tinning construction two hundred and sixty-five thousand dollars. g";:§)‘t‘a°f,,`{;r_ °' Im irovin U per Columbia River, Oregon: Continuing improvement _UPP°*’ c°l¤mb'• of Upper Cgungbia River, including Snake Biver, six thousand dollars. B“'°" _ Improving Lower Willamette and Columbia Rivers, Oregon: Contmu- m:·t:: " w*”°‘ ing improvement from Portland, Oregon, to the se including bar at mmith of Folnimbia Ripon}, oneghuiédred thousand dloharsf _ _ Um. r m rov n p r il smc te iver, Oregon : 'onning improve- 9 ‘ mentpof Urgper wimmem, including Yamhill River, five thousand ”‘°“° R""' dollars. i Improving Lower Clearwater River, Idaho : Gondnuing impuovment ':·;1_*{&¤;¤_0¤¤· tive dollars. ·'