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FOIITYSEVENTH CONGRESS. Sess. I. Ch. 390. 1882. 281 For allowance for reduction of wages under eight-hour law prior to _W¤··*¢¤ ¤ ¤ d BT July iirst, eighteen hundred and seventy-nine, twenty-two dollars. °‘gh°‘i‘°“" 1‘“"· _ P or Bureau of Construction and Repair, eighteen hundred and seventy- C<>¤¤¤ }‘¤ <>¢i¤¤ nine and prior years, two dollars and twenty-five cents am R°P‘“'· _ For maintenance Yards and Docks for eighteen hundred and seventy- Y¤¤l¤ Md D¤¤k¤ nme and prior years, thirty-three dollars. POST-OFFICE DEPARTMENT. Igtost-0:Bce De- PB l110D . For deiiciency in postal revenues for eighteen hundred and seventy- D<>ii<=i¤¤¤Y i¤ nine and prior years, to pay certificates numbered one hundred and '"°““°’· tive to one hundred and thirty-six, both inclusive, five thousand nine hundred and ninety-six dollars and two cents. · For deficiency in postal revenues for same period, to pay E. T. Fox,_ E- T- Fo!. N- N- N. N. Betts, and C. M. Mcnville, sureties of S. W. Alvord, late post- 5‘·i{’*"· w` master at Towanda, Pennsylvania, two hundred and twenty-tive dollars. °’ ° °°’ ° ’ Sec. 3.—That for the payment of the following supplemental list of claims, which are fully set forth in House Executive Document Number , Two hundred and two, Forty-seventh Congress, iirst session, and are _ ‘ allowed by, the accounting officers of the Treasury under the fourth sec- 20 Stat., 130. tion of the act of June fourteenth, eighteen hundred and seventy-eight, since January fourteenth, eighteen hundred and seventy-two, transmitted by letter of Secretary of the Treasury of May fifteenth, eighteen hundred and eighty-two, there be appropriated as follows: CLAIMS ALLOWED BY THE FIRST OOMPTROLLEB. LEGISLATIVE. Legislative. For improving Botanic Garden, eighteen hundred and seventy-nine B¤1>=¤¤i¤G¤rd¤¤- and prior years, nine dollars and thirty-two cents. - TREASURY DEPARTMENT. '1‘:sum-y. For internal revenue as follows: For refunding taxes illegally col- B¤f¤¤d °i'*¤¤°¤» lected prior to July first, eighteen hundred and seventy-nine, five thou- °*°· ‘ sand ilve hundred and nineteen dollars and ninety-tive cents. _ For expenses of assessing and collecting internal revenue, eighteen ***9***}*8 Md hundred and seventy-five and prior years, three hundred and ninety- m°°u°°"“°‘:g ‘“°°"“‘l seven dollars and twelve cents. _ For salaries and expenses of collectors of internal revenue, eighteen Salaries, etca _ hundred and seventy-nine and prior years, one hundred and ninety-tive :g£;_°" °" ““ dollars and seventy cents. · _ For salaries and expenses of agents and subordinate officers of mternal revenue, same period, eleven della: s and thirty-five cents. _ For miscellaneous expenses as follows: For contingent expenses of M1¤<=¤1l¤¤¤¤¤¤· the Treasury Department, freight, telegrams, and so forth, eighteen hundred and seventy-nine and prior years, thirty-one dollars and eleven cents. _ For vaults, safes, and locks for public buildings, same period, seven wznults, sa!-es, dollars and eighty cents. , INTERIOR DEPARTMENT. Interior. ` For surve - nblic and rivate lands, eighteen hundred and seventy- Survey or public _ nine and pzgxligyyears, one hundred and twenty-four dollars and sixty- •'-ld P""°*°K‘“d’• seven cents. _ _ DEPARTMENT OP J'U8'1'I01§—-.IUDICIAL. Judicial. For expenses of United States courts, same period, three thousand S¢¤¢¤¤ nine hundred and sixtysir dollars and seventy cents. . T _ t _ I For expenses of Territorial courts in Utah, same period, five hundred mug: gw1g1W ¤ and stty-svc dollars and Mty-one cents