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286 FORTY-SEVENTH CONGRESS. Sess. I. C11. 391. 1882. Engineer corps Tlmt the active-list of the engineer c0rps of the Navy slmlllxereafter °‘ NM'? *° °°°°*'* consist of ten chief engineers with the relamve rank of captmu, lifteen °f’°°°‘ I chief engineers with the relative rank of commnnder,forty-’1is*e clucf en- ~ gineers with the relative rank of lieutenant-cemmnuder or lncutenzmts, sixty passed assistant engineers, mul forty ussnstamt cngmeers,with the relative rank for each as now llxed by law; and after the number of ofllcers in the said grades shall be reduced as above provnled, the munber in each grade shall not exceed the reduced number wluch IS ilxed by the provisions of this act for the several grades. Exemption.That no odlcer now in the service shall be reduced lll rank or depmvecl of his commission by reason of any provision of this act reducing the man. number of officers in the several sta.E corps: Provided, That no further ` appointments of cadet-engineers shall be made by the Secretary of the 18 sm., 192. Navy under section three of the act of eighteen hundred and seventy- four. Pr¤¤¤<>ti<>¤¤¢¤b¤ That as vacancies shall occur in any of the grades of the medical, pay, ‘“°·d° ““ {Tm and engineer corps of the Navy, D0 promotion shall be made to fill the °°°"’ °° y' ° same until the number in said grade shall be reduced below the number which is fixed by the provisions of this act for such grade. Retired-list. For pay· of the retired-list, namely: For forty-two remgudmnrals, twenty commodores, twelve captains, ten commanders, iiiteen heutenantcommanders, eight lieutcuauts, eleven masters, five ensigns, two midshipmeu, twenty-two medical directors, two medical inspectors, two surgeons, live passed assistant surgeons, seven assistant surgeons, nine ` pay-directors, two pay-inspectors, three paymasters, two passed assistamt paymasters, one assistant paymaster, nine chief engineers, nineteen passed assistant engineers, twenty-Eve assistant engineers, nine chaplains, seven professors of mathematics, three naval constructors, ten bostswaius, live gumnexs, thirteen carpenters, qml ten sailmukersg in all, — six hundred and ninety-seven thousand nine hundred and twentyilve dolvmmiu how lars. Hereafter only one-halfof thevucancinm in the various grades in the qua; ’ line of the Navy shall be filled by promotion until such grades shall be reduced to the following numbers, namely: rear admirals, six J; commodores, ten; captains, forty-five; commanders, eighty-tive; heutenant commanders, seventy-four; lieuteuants, two hundred and fifty; masters, seventy-five; ensigns, seventy-five; and thereafter promotions to all vacancies shall be made but not to increase either of said mmm md grades above the numbers aforesaid. Hereafter there shall be no proi,,,,,,,,,,;!,,",,, motion or increase of pay in the retired list of the Navy but the rank mbim. and pay of others on the retired list shall be the same that they are p,,,;,,_ when such ¢M¢:ers shall be retired: And provided further, That whenever on an had pursuant to law, concerning the Htness of an ' officer of the avy for promotion, it shall appear that such officer is mM"" fu unit to perform at sea the duties of the place to which it is proposed promotion sum- to promote him, by reason of drunkenness, or from any cause arising dent ¤¤¤3¤¤ for dis- from his own misconduct, and having been informed of and heard upon °§‘:c’§l°·J:“*;gI the charges against him, he shall not be placed ou the retired-list of the Em om Navy, and if the ilmling of the board be approved by the President, he shall be discharged with not more than one yca11·’s pay. Pmy emcsmma For DRY to petty-05ct-srs, seamen, ordinary seamen, laudsmeu, and mm. boys, including men in the enginers’ force, and for the Coast Survey Service, not exceeding eight thousand two hundred and fifty in all, two I million four hundred and ninety thousand dollars. seem tnric s , For two secretaries, one to the Admiral uml one to the Vice Admiral, •=l¤r|r¤ tv p¤yr¤¤¤· clerks to paymusters, clerks at inspections, navy-yards, und stations,

I‘;· "*°·» °*" “ and extra pay to men enlisted under honorable discharge; commission

¤};,,g,, and interest, transportation of funds, exchange, mileage to omcers while trxweling under orders in the United States, and for actual personal expenses of officerjs while traveling abroad under orders; and 0$cers of the Navy traveling abroad under urdersbereafter issued shall travel by the guest dxrect route, the 0ccasion and necessity for such order to be cermied by the 0Hicer xssuing the same; and shall receive, in lieu of