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FORTYSEVENTH CONGRESS. Sess. I. Ch. 433. 1882. 303 For commission to represent the United States at the rcasscmbling M9¤¤*¤¤’! Mmof :1 conference a.¢lopt as common ratio between gold and silver for the ““““°“· purpqsc of qstablnsluug mtcrnatioually the use of bimctznllic money and spcuring hmty of rclatnvc value between those metals, and in negotiatwns with reference thereto, twenty-five thousand dollars, and their reasonable cxpcnqcs, to be approved by the Secretary of State. For the proportion to be paid by the United States of the joint cxpcuso of sand conference, two thousand dollars, or so much thereof as mgbcaf u1' {mnt :.111my or c purc asa 0 or- p ib of the Dc artmcut of State Books fom three hundred dollars. P , §L£¤P¤¤‘¤¤¤;?z For salary of consul-general at Madrid (iu addition to that of score- Coésulgeueral tary of lcgatmu when acting as sucb), two1vc hundred dollars. :;M¤d1‘i » ¤¤¤¤7»


partmout. PUBLIC BUILDINGS. Public buildlug!. For the custom-house and postroiilca at Albany, New York; For com- Albany. - Bk3i0n of the of the approaches to the building, cwcuty-five thousand 0 ars. To cuabla the Secretary of the Treasury to purchase a. site for and smcm; purcause tha erection of a. building, with Hm-proof vaults therein, for the <=I¤¤¤¤ ofsiw, ew. accommodation of tho postmdlcc and other government offices, to be gommcuced in the city of Syracuse, New York., one hundred thousand ollars. For the post·oMcc'and court-house at Baltimore, Maryland: For con- Baltimore. tinuaticm of building two hundred and iifby thousand dollars; and the same shall be built of’whitn marble, provided the cost shall be no grca.tcr - than if constructed of granite. For the posbcillcu mul subtrc:1sury ut Boston Massachusetts: For - Boston. completion of building, boating apparatus, elevators, and vaults, one hundred aud seventy-tivo thousand dollars. . To enable the Secretary of the Tnwm to purchase a site for, and wanmlmspm, cause the commencement of the construction thereon, of a suitable build-‘ P¤·; purckww 6f ing, with me-proof vaults therein, for the uses of the post-chlco, United °“°· °*°- States courts, and other government officcs, in tho city of Wil1ia.m¤pcrt,· ’ Pennsylvania, ilfby thousand dollars. To enable the Secretary of the Treasury to purchase a site for, and smmmu, lla.; ‘ cause the commencement of the construction thereon, of a suitable build- 1•¤Y¢h¤¤•= of mw, ing, with iirc·pro0f vaults therein, for the uses of the post-office aml °**°· other government officcs, at the city of Scranton Pennsylvania, thuty- . seven thousand five hundred dollars. - ‘ To enable the Secretary of the Treasury to purchase a suse for, upd Council Blufs; cause the erection thereon, of a building, with tim-proof vaults thercnn, purchase of sm, for the acccmmmlmiuu of the posboffica and other government odicas, to °*°· bo commenced at the city of Council Bluifs, Iowa, iitty thousand dollars. For the custom-house at Cleveland, Ohio: For complctwu of bmlding Clcvglgml, and sidewalk, one hundred and fifty thousand dollars. For the pcstmhlce, wumhousc, and so forth, at Charleston, West (3;,,.,;.,,4;;,.,, w, Virginia: For approaches, ten thousand dollags. V¤· For the custom-house and posboftlcc at ClD(SlD11¤tl,Olll0Z For coutm- c;,,,;,,,m; nation of building, including heating apparatus, elevators, and vaults, three hundred and fifty thousand dollars. - For the courthouse and postmllcc at Duuvnllc, Vxrgugm: For com- Dauvnllo, Va. glagion of building, grading of grounds, and appmnclms, thnrty thousand 0 RTS. » : , T a lo the Sccrctar of the Treasury to purclmsc asitu for, apd Harris0nlmx§, oranges: ga commenced tlgemon, the erection of :1 suitable buildings with Xg; ;J; ¤r¤h¤¤¤ Ilrmproof vaults therein, for the nwommodutiqu of the Qnnwl mbps · courts, posbcillcc, and other government ndlccs, at Harnannbuxg, Vuglnis, twenty Evo thousand dollars.