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FORTY-SEVENTH CONGRESS, Buss. I . Ch. 433. 1882. 327 SURVEYING THE PUBLIC LANDS For surveying the public l:mds,`four hundred thousand dollars, am Survey of pubrate-s_ not exceeding mine dollars por linear milo for standmxl and moan- “° 1*****- deer lmcs, seven dollars for township and five dollars for section lines, except: that tho Commissioner of tho General Land Offico may allow, for the survey of standard and meander lines through lands heavily timbcrcd, mountainous, or covered with dense undcrgrowth, 2 sum not: cxcccding thirteen dollars por linear mile for standard lines, eleven dollars for township, and seven dollars for section lines: Provided, That Prmziso. the part of the sum hereby appropriated which may be apportioned to tho surveying district of Louisiana, together with such sums as have been or may be deposited for surveys therein by actual settlers, under sections twenty-four hundred and one, twenty fom- hundred and two, g S2 gg; and twenty four hundred and three of the Revised Statutes, may bc, Rf SQ' 2403; Ml; iu whole or in part, employed in making such resurvcys as may be neces- Resuiveysz sary in tho discretion of the Commissioner of the General Land Offico; and he may also, in his discretion, make resurvcys of other portions of tho public lands from this appropriation; and an amount not exceeding fifty thousand dollars thereof may be expended for occasional examinmious of public surveys in tho several surveying districts, in order to T as s examinatost the accuracy of the work in the field, and to prevent payment for *·i<>¤¤ ¤fp¤b1i<=¤¤r- ` fraudulent and imperfect surveys returned by deputy surveyors, and '°Y“- inspecting mineral deposits, coal-holds, and timber districts: Provided further, That no certificate issued for a. deposit of money for the survey - of lands under section twentyfour hundred and three of the Revised R.s.24oz,441. - Statutes, and the not approved Much third, eighteen hundred and 20 sm., 352. seventynino, amoudstory thorcoh shall be received in payment for lands except at the land office in which the lands surveyed for which the doposit was made are subject to entry, and not elsewhere; but this section shall not be held to impair, prejudice, or affect in any manner cortiooatos gomimh, for · issued or deposits and contracts made under tho provisions of said act sottl¤n’ dopauit. prior to the passage of this act. — For survey of oontirmed private land-claixns in California at the rates Sm-voy ¤r_ priprescribed bylaw, including choo nsxpunsos incidental to tho service, '¤°° **¤d:°!¤*m¤· ten thousand dollars. · For preliminary survey of uuoonhrmcd and survey of conhrmcd pri- Preliminary m- _ vato land-claims in New Mexico, at a roto not exceeding thirteen dollars *¤y¤- per linear mile, and omoo expenses, eight thousand dollgqs. _ _ For preliminary survey of unconfirmed and survey of confirmed pri- _ _ vow land-claims in Arizona, at a rate not exceeding thirteen dollars por linear mile, and officc expenses, eight thousand dollars. To enable the Commissioner of tho General Land Officc to continue wom and doto reproduce wom and dofaocd official plats of surveys now on filo, and fwd DMS ¤f ¤¤r- other plats, constituting a part of the records of said officc, and also to "°Y”· furnish local land-odiccrs with tho same, twenty thousand dollars. For the msurvey of hmds within the Sioux Indian Reservation west hglvnrrrvvy of of Big Stone Lake, Dakota, and rctraccmont of tho west boundary of S faux hmm t11B FOSOPY ation, foHI d0H3I'S• · Rqgervgytion, gum, h For the survey of tho boundary-line between tho Crow Indian dimiu- mgmé¤m ishcd reservation in Montana Tcxritory and the lands purchased hom mn Mmmm_ said Crow Indians by the act of April eleventh, eighteen hundred and ’ eighty-two, as described in said act, four thousand eight hundred dollars. MISCELLANEOUS Y For the Ute Commission: For this amount, or so much thorootias may Uw C'¤¤¤¤i¤¤¤¤¤· bo rxocnusnry, for tho payment of expenses of the Ute Commission pm - vided for under section two of the *‘Act to accept and ratify the agree- 21 Stan, 202. ment submitted by the confodcrated bands of Uto Indians m Colorado - for tho solo of their reservation in said State, and for other purpososf Mtccu thousand dollars: Provided, That the work of said commmsnon MM- >