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FORTYSEVENTH CONGRESS. Sess. I. OH. 434, 1882. 341 CHAP. 434. 4n act to provide for the sale of a, part of the reservation of tho August 7, 1882. Omaha trxbc of Indians in the State of Nebraska, and for other purposes. ·· 7* Be it enacted the Senate and House of `Representatives of the United Smtcs of gimemca in Congress assembled, That; with the consent of the gay, of portion gzhm tgm oiélxidjzius, ixpresscd in open council, the Secretary of the g` rgsoxfragjcu pf riot an e crc y is authorized to cause to be surveyed if ’”° ° ” ’“““ “‘ necessary, and sold, all that phrtion of their reservation in the Statcyof N°é’:r°€:‘;’and me Nebraska lying west of the right of way granted by said Indians to the with ggnggpt 051;.- Sioux City and Nebraska Railroad Company uudcr the agreement of di¤.¤s,¤t¤. April nineteenth, eighteen hundred and eighty, approved by the Acting Secretary of the Interior, July twcntgyscvqnth eighteen hundred and gnghgy. The sag hands sh{a.1l be appra1scdi in;racts 9{ fo£:y aiizres aacih, R b i ’d y rcccomgc u commissioners ouao womsa. seccc y- 3 S , the Omaha tube of Indians, and {hc other two shall be appointed by Ll;-mQ::m‘;;g£,;;?Qs theé of tg; Interior. cm. mc. . but a r the snu·vcy and appmisoment of said lands the Umllottedlmms Secretary of the Interior shall be, and he hereby is authorized to issue °P°¤°d 1P f°' ¤°°· proclamation to the effect that unallotted lands arc open for settle- $‘fQ::°°t{ I"°°]° ment under gash rules and regulations as he may prescribe. That at ’ any- time wi in one year after the date of such proclamation each bona Edo settler, occupying any portion of said lands, and l1aviJ1g,maAc ?1B?*¤°f¤°lE**l°’¤» valuable improvements thereon, or the heirs-at law of such settler, who ° °‘* ° pu" “°°‘ is a citizen of the United States, or who has declared his intention to become such, shall be entitled to purchase, for cash, through the United States ggbgic land-0E0c at Noligh, Nebraska, the gmdgo occupied ang improv y hun,' not to cx one hun an si y acres in can cam, accomding to the survey and appraised value of said lands as pmidw for in section one of this act; Providcziii That the Secretary of Praviao. · tho tcrior may dispom of the same upon the fo owing terms as to pay- T of pa - ments, that is to say, one-third of the price of said land po become y duo and payable one year from the date of entry, one-therd in two years, and one-third in three years, from said date, with mhcmgt at the mts of five pegnanmm pax- m15m; but case of dcf$;11t> 1u caggr ofpayments cpcrscnthus ofauh g orapcnod Sixty B Fm-rwuminua shall forfeit absolutely his right to the tract which lhzgss of dcfzlult, ctc. andsmypsymentcrpayxhoutshcthavcmadcz pr ; —, ;,>m,m· , . ‘ ther, That whomever any person wander the pmvxsmns tlus ucl; put,,;,,,,, not t, si acres,» c excess 1 acres, - °°'“‘

    • 5 °"°“ TF§€°° °°“‘°‘E‘“駑t££'¥";,°‘°°““ 2L"‘£.‘IZ‘.’g}.‘£’¤f.fd“}‘$' "° "?*·‘é“‘¤»·¤¤»°“ 35

suits from mability in survey to make township and section lines con- °*°°“'·°*°· form to the boundary hnesdif the resog·v€tgg1;hh§ puffuhagg shall uoéibc 'ted t s ccss,u aow asmoer mz Azgpmdggdjzengu, {gnat no portion of said land shall be sold sand *9 iw zig · at less than the appraised value thereof, aud m no case for loss than :° :fg’“*“°d jawn and tifcyccnts pcracrc; m towmhrp twenty-fourj range seven east! rcmmmng rm 0 on c mst day of June, eighteen hunéxred am} B1ghb¥-$0, slkall be appraised d ldas therlaudsunder prcvxsionso sac MSE: 3. That the proceeds ofcsnch sale, aitor payipg all expenses moms Enum incident to and necessary for carrying out the provisions of this acc, £=g‘?:::r& including such clerk hire as tha ·Socrctary of thq Iutgmor may deem mim bums necessary, shall be placed to the credit of sand Iudmns m tha Treasury m,,,,t ,t,_ of the United States, and shall boar interest at tho misc of iivo por ccntum per annum, which income shall be annually expended for the benefit of said Indians, under the direction of the Secretary of the Intc. . .

 4. That; when purchasers of said lands shall have complied with  ;’; t¤nt¤,whe¤¤¤

the provisions of thi act as to payment, nmprcvcmant, and go forth, roof thereof shall be received by thq local land-qhico ht Nchgh, NQ- gmnka, and patents shall be xssucd as 111 the casa ot yubhc landsoffgrcd for settlement under the homestead and precmptmn mts: Branded, mum