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424 FORTY-SEVENTH CONGRESS. Szss. II. Ch. 55, 56. 1883. powers of the First National Bank of West Greenville sh:1.11 devolve upon and inurc to the First National Bank of Greenville, Pennsylvania, whenever such change of name is efected. Approved, February 26, 1883. CHAP. 5 — makin a to ri ic for the consular and di lomatic service

 of the $•v t for the gsicag. xarnguding June thirtieth, eighteen hundred

and eighty four, and for other purposes. Bc it enacted by the Senate and House of Representation of the United Appropriations. States of America in Congress assembled, That the following sums be _C°¤•*!! •¥ *5**** and they are hereby, appropriated for the service of the Hscal year end- °‘Pl°"“°‘°“°""’°‘ ing June thirtieth, eighteen hundred, and eighty four, out of any money in the Treasury not otherwise appropriated, for the objects hereinafter expressed,- {namely: Ermyyq; phni- For salaries of envoys extmordmsuy and muusters plempotentmry P°*°¤*¤*¤°•· to Great Britain France, Germany, and Russia at seventeen thousand ive hundred dollars each, seventy thousand dollars, For salaries of envoys extraordinary and ministers plenipcteutiary to Spain Austria, Italy, Brazil, Mexico, Japan, and China at twelve thousand, dollars each, eighty fom- thousand dollars, - For salaries of envoys extraordinary and ministers plenipoteutiary, asfollowsz To Chili and Peru, at ten thousand dollars each; to Turkey, seven thousand five hundred dollars; in all twenty seven thousand five hundred dollars. ` _ For envoy extm0rdi1mry and minister plenipotentiary accredited to Guatemala, Costs Rica, Honduras, Salvador, and Nicaragua, to reside at the place that the President may select in either of the states named, ’ ten thousand dollars. Minimn nn- For ministers resident at Belgium, Netherlands, Sweden and Nor- •\¤¤*· way, Venezuela, Hawaiian Islands, Argentine Republic and theUnited States of Colombia, at seven thousand five hundred dollars each, lfty two thousand five hundred dollars, Hinintum nu- For ministers resident and consuls general to Liberia Hayti, Switzerwr md ¤>¤¤¤!•- land, Denmark, Portugal, Bolivia, Persia, and Siam, at five thousand ¥"‘”‘L - dollars each, forty thousand dollars; and the minister resident and eonsulgeneml at Hayti shall be also accredited as charges d’aH'aires to Santo Domingo, For minister resident and consul-geuenl to Roumania, Scrvia, and Greece, six thousand ive hundred dollars.

 gh";. dug.   For charge d’aEaires to Paraguay and Uruguay, five thousand dol-

NI69. . $[8 ' Char an au- Forcharges d’8&iNI8diDt8l’im anddi lomsticofficers abroad twen f¤·ir¤¤ ¤¥E¤*¤i¤¤· thousand dollars, p ’ ty sg¤mt»¤·i¤¤r1•· For salaries of the secretaries to the legations at London, Paris, Saint 8¤¤¤¤· Petersburg, and Berlin, at two thousand six hundred and twenty live dollars each, ten thousand ive hundred dollars. For salary of the secretary of legatiou at Japan, two thousand tive hundred dollars. For salaries of the secretaries to the legations at Brazil, and Meiioo, ut one thousand eight hundred dollars each, three thousand nix hundred dollars, spend mcgetm For salaries of the second secretaries to the legations at Great Britain,

  • ¤¤¤• °*` !¤8¤*¤°¤· France, andGermsmy,a.tt1ro thousand dollars each, six thousand dollars.

clergwxegmm For salary of a clerk to the legaticu at Spain, one thousand two hun- •* B1>¤¤¤· drgd dolhars, soma? m 1•- or sa ary 0 the seem to the le tion when actin alsoasinters¤¤i¤¤ M hi¤¤· prcter)at China, Eve thegeafynd dollars?8 ( g Iumpmma. Fox· salary of the interpreter to the legation at Turkey, three thousand