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560 FORTY-SEVENTH CONGRESS. Sess. II. C11. 128. 1883. Nebraska and For surveyor-general of Nebraska and Iowa, two thousand dollars; I°"*- and for the clerks in his office, four thousand dollars; in all, six thousand dollars. Montana. For surveyor-general of the Territory of Montana, two thousand tive hundred dollars; and for the clerks in his office, eight thousand dollars; in all, ten thousand five hundred dollars. Utah. For surveyor-general of the Territory of Utah, two thousand five hundlredhdollaxrs; and ger the cflcrkls {nlhs office, three thousand dollars; in ve t ousann ve un re ( dollars. Wyoming. b hor séirveyor-general of the Telnritory of Wyoming, two tholnsiandhtive une re dollars- and for the cler sin his office, three thousau ve nndred dollars; in’all six thousand dollars. Arizona. h For surveyor-general of the Territory of Arizona, two thoutsand five undred dollars; and for the clerks in his office three thousan dollars · in all, five thousand five hundred dollars. , 7 pmpgmw D,. POST·OFFICE DEPARTMENT. partment. · compmmeouog For compensation of the Postmaster-General, eight thousand dollars; the Postmaster- chief clerk to the Postmaster-General, two thousand two hundred dol- ,=f,';;";‘·*““¤{~°$r°*¤ lars; stenographer, one thousand eight hundred dollars; appointment md k" clerk, one thousand eight hundred dollars; law-clerk, at two thousand tive hundred dollars; and one clerk of class four (office of Assistant Attorney-General for Post-Ollice Department); two clerks of class three; one clerk of class two; three clerks of class one; one clerk, at one_ thousand dollars; one copyist; one messenger; one assistant messenger; in all, twenty-nine thousand seven hundred and sixty dollars. Print Anigtant IF? girst lilostxuastteir-tlrleixeral, foiuir thoulgnd dollars; chief _"- ¤¤-cer othousand oars,an wietheo ceis edbytepresent mbfwg 0*3,*2;; incurnlbent, five llxunldcriedfdollars additioaal; chief of salary and allowance ivision an c i o appointment c at two thousand dollars each; one clerk of class four; twenty clerks of class three; one clerk of §}i‘f»§¥i€.?°;£‘L¤2°,.§, "£$.?.t"“.*a""‘°f “t"‘.-$l°"f""“°“" ‘?°“'“l"‘£"°'2"°" · ;s nc_er s eassone;·ourc_er s,a one $&?.i.“,'}.‘}.S3m"“'..“.‘3.°,f,Z‘l£.$f‘£ 2E23S22S‘.'1‘§i2.?.‘§€‘i.‘.€’é.i§}i?f.l*‘.3“..';‘.T‘ZE¥.‘B; four clerks of class one; two clerks, at nine hundred dollars each; one , clerk at one thousand dollars; one assistant messenger; three laborers _ (for division of post-office supplies); superintendent of tree delivery, two thousand one hundred dollars; one clerk of class four; one clerk of class ’ two- and one clerk of class one (office of superintendent of free delivery) ; in all, one hundred thousand and sixty dollars. . _

 ive clerks, at one thousand dollars each ; and two laborers in the

dxrnsnou of postoffice supplies, who shall be paid from the appropriation matdehfo;) sttactigierybin the act appropriations for the service o e os ce cpartment the yearhteen hundred and eighty-four. _ ug SecondAssistant For Second Assistant Postmaster-General, four thousand dollars;

'h';f_}°’;;,(i°i;‘(‘ plhnef two thousand tdogars; tchief of division of inspection, two

N, ’ ’ thousand o · superin n ent o rai way justment two th and d cum" dollars; ten clerks of class four; thirty-four clerks df class (thsrec; eighteen clerks of class two- eighteen clerks of class one· nine clerks ¢ g r 1 at one thousand dollars each; three female clerks, at nine hundred dolglarsdeacih; assistant messeingers; and one laborer; in all, one un re an o y· ree thousand seven hundred and tweut dollars. P 'fhérd kninézvt For Third Assistant Postmaster General, four thousand dollgrs ; chief 61;,** cing clerk, two thousand dollars; chief of division of dead letters, two thoumdgthm ’ sand two hundred and nity dollars; chief of division of postage-stamps, two thousand two hundred and fifty dollars; one chief of nuance division, who shall give bond in such amount as the Postmaster-General may determine for the faithful discharge of lus duties, two thousand dollars; six clerks of class four; nineteen clerks of class hree; thirty clerks Y