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630 FORTY-SEVENTH CONGRESS. Sess. 1I. C11. 143. 1883. Binding of doc- copy of each book or document issued or ordered by authority of Con- ¤¤°¤'*¤» °’ 8***** gress during the term of service of such Senator, Representative, or {;’°'f$é):f;';_b°"’“d Delegate; but this provision shall not be construed as allowing any binding as atoresaid to be done of any books or documents issued dm-- ing any former Congress of which said Senator, Representative, or Delegate was not a member. Water-closets. Government Printing Office: For water-closets, seven thousand live hundred dollars. Renaming. For reilooring, nve thousand dollars. Julgepartment of UNDER THE DEPARTMENT OF JUSTICE. 100- ‘ ms0ELLANEoUs. Territorial courts For the expenses of Territorial courts in Utah Territory: For defray- _ i¤ U*¤¤h· ing the contingent expenses of the courts, including fees of the United States district attorney and his assistants; the fees and per diems of the United States commissioners and clerk of the court; and the fees, per diems, and traveling expenses of the United States marshal for the _ Territory of Utah, with the expenses of summoning jurors, subpoanaing witnesses; of arresting, guarding, and transporting prisoners; of hiring and feeding guards; and of supplying and caring for the penitentiary, to be paid under the direction and approval of the Attorney-General, . upon accounts duly veritied and certified, twenty-six thousand dollars. 1).,5,,,.;;,,8 gui}; For defending suits in claims against the United States: For defray- in claims against ing the necessary expenses incurred in the examination of witnesses Umm 8**** “ and procuring of evidence in the matter of claims against the United States and the District of Columbia pending in any department, and for necessary expenses incurred in defending suits in the Court of Claims, to be expended under the direction of the Attorney-General, nine thousand dollars. - Prosecution emu For the prosecution and collection of claims: For expenses to be ¤¤}l¤¤*i¤¤ ¤f incurred in the prosecution and collection of claims due the.United °]‘""‘· States, to be expended under the direction of the Attorney-General, one thousand five hundred dollars. v;,,;,;;,,,, 0;;,,. For punishing violations of the intercourse actsand frauds: For deummm ut¤,ot¤. tecting and punishing violations of the intercourse acts of Congress _ and frauds committed in the Indian service, the same to be expended . by the Attorney-General in allowing such fees and compensation to witnesses, jurors, marshals, and agents, and in defraying such other expenses as may be necessary for this pm·pose, five thousand dollars. p,,,,,";;,,,' of For the prosecution of crimes: For the detection and prosecution of u-ima. crimes against the United States, and for the investigation of official acts, records, and accounts, and the investigation of the accounts of marshals, attorneys, clerks of the United States courts, and United States commissioners, under the direction of the Attorney-General, twenty-five thousand dollars. Hsnryrink. To pay Henry Fink, United States marshal for the eastern district of Wisconsin, in full payment for costs recovered of him in actions brought against him by `Mathias Salcntine, W. B. Reynolda and Thomas O’N eil, one hundred and eight dollars and eighty cents. m,v,m._ To complete the construction of the elevator, and for repairing and furnishing the building occupied by the Department of Justice, ten thousand dollars, the same to be immediately available. JUDICIAL. UNITED STATES ootmrs. A B x pen q ss or For expenses of the United States courts: For defraying the expenses United States of the Supreme Court; the circuit and district courts of the United °°‘“’°“* States, including the District of Columbia; of the jurors and witnesses, and expenses of suits in which the United States is interested; of the