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764 FOBTY-SEVENTH CONGRESS. Sess. II. C11. 63. 1883. Tennessee, een- To George W. Huntsman, of Hawkins County, one hundred and sixty

  • i¤¤°d· five dollars,

To John G. Houston, of Decatur County, one hundred and ten dollars To A. S. Turrentine, administrator of Ann Harris, deceased of Bedford County, one hundred and fifty dollars, To Joseph Horne-of Davidson County, one hundred and twenty five dollars. - To John Harmon, of Knox County, two hundred and twenty live dollars To Maria Hoy,- of Sumner County, one hundred and twenty five dollars ` Th William. T. Hipsher, of Grainger County, thirty two dollars. To Daniel Helton, of Wayne County, one hundred and eleven dol— larfgo A. S. Henley, of Roane County, eighty five dollars, To James W. Hall, of Blount County, one hundred and ten dollars, . To James N. Harwell, of Giles County, three hundred and eighty one dollars, To Bedford Hammer, of Warren County, eighteen dollars and seventy live cents, To Z. Hodges, senior, Claiborne County, fifty seven dollars. To William G. Humphreys, of Carter County, two hundred and seventy dollars, To Allen Baker, administrator of P. A. Hodges, deceased, of Greene County, two thousand seven hundred dollars. To James W. Hollingshead, of Monroe County, one hundred dollars, To John. F. Grisham, executor of Samuel M. Hunt, deceased, of Washington County, one hundred and thirty five dollars, To Eliza Hall, of Bledsoe County, one hundred dollars, To Fannie C. Hoodenpyle, admiuistratrix of Philip M. Hoodenpyle, deceased, of Bledsoe County, two hundred dollars, To R. F. Scruggs and N. P. Hight, administrators of Daniel Heiskell, deceased, of Monroe County, two hundred and fifty dollars. To Nancy. E. Hamilton, of Davidson County, one hundred and forty five dollars. · To Maborn Hancock, administrator of Hull H. Hancock, deceased, of Giles County, five hundred and twenty three dollars, To A. H. Hill, administrator of William Hubbs, deceased, of Union County twenty five dollars, · J To Henry Harding, colored, of Davidson County, one hundred and ten dollars. . To Julia A. Holmes, formerly Julia A. Roark of Sumner County, one hundred twenty five dollars. To J. S. and E. S. Haltom, administrators of Nathan Haltom, deeeased, of Madison County, one thousand five hundred and sixty dollars. _ To William Holbert, of Giles County, one hundred and iifry dollars, 'lgo William Hensley, of Hamilton County, one hundred and nfty dollars, ` To George W. Henry, of Blount County, nine hundred and twenty two dollars and fifty cents. . To William H. Haynes, of Rutherford County, one hundred and twenty five dollars To M. L. Hartsell, of Washington County, fifty dollars. To Elizabeth. E. Hughes, of Lawrence County, two hundred and iorty seven dollars and sixty cents. To John Hall, of Bledsoe County, fifty dollars. d To Archibald Hitch, of Blount County, one hundred and seventeen 0 lars. To N. A. Harris, of McNairy County, one hundred dollars,