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• 950 CONV ENTION-INTERNATION AL. AUG. 22, 1864. forming their duties, bball be an armlct tionssera. uu bmssard aux mémcs coulcurs; of the same colors. The outer painting leur pcinture extérieurc sera. blanche avec of those hospital ships shall be white, with batteria rouge. md stmkc. . Aid and assist- These ships shall bcaraid nnd assistance Cos navires portcront sacours at assisauco to wounded to the wounded and wrecked belligcrcnts, tance aux blessés ct au; naufmgés des boland. wrecked bel- without distinction of nationality. ligérants sans distinction do nntziounlité. ligercnts, without They must take care not to interfere in Ils 110 dcvront géncr cn aucunc mmniérc distinction of ng- any way with the movements of the com- lcs mouvcments des c0n1ba.tta¤ts. Pom bionulity. batants. During and after the battle they dont at aprés le combat, IIS agironc in lcurs must do their duty at their own risk and risques on périls. uril. _ Rights of bemg. The balligorents shall have the right of Les bclligérants auront snr aux lc droit eront to control controlling and visiting them; they will do controls ct do visitc; ils pourront roand vm; vessels, be at libermy to refuse their assistance, to fusor leur concours, lam- onjoindm do ctc. order them to depart, and to detain them s’él0igncx· ct les détcuir si la gravité des if the axignncics of the case require such circonstances1’exigeait. a sto . Wou nd od and Thg wounded and wrecked picked up by Los blcssés ot lcsnaufragés racncillis par wrecked pic k a d these ships cannot be reclaimed by either ccs uavires no gourront étro réclamés par up, ctc., cannot be of the combatants, aud they will be m· uucun des com ahtants, ct i1 leur sera 1m- reclaimed. quired not to serve during the continu- pcsé do no pas sorvir pendant la duréo ance of the wor. do Ia gucrro. _ Bight of bcllig- Am. XIV. In naval wars any strong Amt XIV. Dans los guerros maritimes, orauts to suspend presumption that either bolligumnt takes touts forte présomptiou que Pun dos belli- Convention, ctc. advantage of the benefits 0 neutrality, érants pronto du bénéiicn da is neutralité with any other view than the interest of gms un autm intérét que cclui des blessés tho sick and wounded, gives to the other ct dos maladcs, pormct A Pautro bolligé- bolligorcnt, until proof no the contrary, rant, jusqu’L prouvo du contrairc, do sustho right of suspending tha Convention, pondro In Convention A son égard. ·

 as regards such bolligemnt.
 Nctlw •f¤¤Sp6¤- Should this presumption bocomc a. cor- Si cette présomption deviant uno corti-

BQOD of Cv1WOB- tuinty, notice maybe givcntonuch bollig- tudo, la. Convention pent mémc lui étro tion, Bw-, to DB arent that the ouvcution is suspended dénoncéopmu touts laduréodo In guorre. given. with regard to him during tho whole con- , tinuaucc of the war. Act embodied in Axr. XV. Tho iyrnmnt Act shall be ART. XV. Loprésént acm sera drossé an one original copy drawn up in an sing a original copy, which un seul exemplaim original qui sersdéposé and deposited in shall be deposited in the Archives of tho aux archives doh Confédération suissc. archives of Swiss Swiss Confederation. Confcdsmtion. - Authentic copy An authentic copy of this Act sbn1l be Uno copio anthontiqna do cot actosora to ba delivered to delivered with an invitation to adhere to délivréo, avec 1'invitation d’y adhércr, 9. ngmnory Powers, it, to of tho signatory Powers of tho chacuno des Puissanccs signataires do la oto. Convuutxon of the22d ofAugnst, 1864, as Convention du 22 uotlt 1864, ainsi u’h

 togahosc that hsvo successively so oollog qui y ont suoccsnivoment  

o 1 . ' In faith whereof, the undersigned com- En foi do quoi In Comminsnins nousmissarios have drawn up the pnsmt eignés out dnsé lo présont Pro ¤t d’artiprojoct of additional articles and have up- clan additionnols ot y out apposglc cachnt - poncdthpreuntothasodnofthoirums. delnunarmos. / Sgahofcommis [Dona at Geneva, the twentieth day of the Fait L Gmxévo 10 vingtibmo jour du mois anus, spout of October, of thejnsr on thwuand \d’0ctobra his Pan mil nit unt s0ixnntoenght hndnd and any-agi.], ·' knit. vox Roman. H. . Yxnvnnox. vom Duma. _ H. B. Yxnvnnrox. . F. Lmvrmxz. D. Func: Bnorno. · F. Lennn. D. Fnucn Buzorrxo. Koumuz. Pwm Cmwnu. Konum. Pnow Cornuu. Dx. Muzmr. H. A. _ vm KA1uu~ Dx. Mvmn. H. A. vm Kumi:- Smmrn. n », Summa. ~— xnxx. Dx. Dourmnun. Wnvrmmxnc. Dx. Dourmnun. Wmsrmxnnnc. Vxsscunns. F. N. Swurr. Vrsscmcus. F. N. Srnnm. J. B. G. G.u,urm=:. G. H. Duroun. J. B. G. Gnrrrx. G. H. Duromz. A. Couvvnm mcs G. Movmmz. A. Comrvmvr Dm G. Monmm. Bon. Du, S. Lumuxrs. Bora. Da. S. Lmxmnm. . H. nn Pmvn. Husmr. H. nn Pmtvn. Hvsmr. JouxSAvu.mLuu- Da. C. Hum. Jomc Snvxmn Lune- D1:. C. Hnuu. » usr. . Dx. Fromm. mw. Dn. 1·‘1cn·r1;. P¤¤¤¤'¤!¤·· Anq whereas Qbo President of tho United States of America, by and wash the ndvnce and consent of the Senate, did, on the that clay of Magub, one thousand oight hundred and eightytwo, declare that the United States accedo to the smd Convention of the 22d of August, 1864, and also accedo to yha said Convention of October 20, 1868; And whereas on the ninth day of Juno, one thousand eight hundred and mghty-two, the Federal Council of the Swiss Confederation, in