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`296 FOBTY-EIGHTH CONGRESS. Sess. II. Ch. 45-47. 1885. in the town of Detroit and Territory of Michigan, and for other punposes,” be, and the same is hereby, grunted and released to the sand board of education, Approved, January 31st, 1885. J nn. 31, 1885. CHAP. 4-6.-An not to declare forfeiture of certain lands granted to sid in the con-

·—··—·; struction of n railroad in Oregon.

Bc it enacted by the Senate and House of Rqwcsentativec of the United L=¤¤d¤ z¤‘•_¤t¤d States of America, in Congress assembled, That so much of the lands fg§lf(‘f;‘3°f:‘;‘;f‘f,Qr‘g granted by an act of Congress entitled “An act granting land to aid in land to A", 0 ,i ,, the construction of a. railroad and telegraph line hom Portland to a n d Meuinnvme Astoria and McMinnville, in the State of Oregon,” approved May fourth, i¤ 0¤;!°¤· *`¤¤`¤i¤- eighteen hundred and seventy, as are adjacent to and coterminous with

6 d’
“°?°d°° the nnoompleted portions of said road, and not embraced within the

1870, vol. I6_ 6h_ limits of said grant for the completed portions of said road, bc, and the 69, p.94. same are hereby, declared to be forfeited to the United Stews and restored to the public domain, and made subject to disposal under the general land laws of the United States as though said grant had never been made. » Sino. 2. That all persons who at the date of the passageof this act are Saving rights er actual settlers in good faith on any of the lands hereby forfeited, and ¤¤*=¤¤·i •¤m¤¤· who are otherwise qualified, on making due claim to mob lands under the homestead, pre-emption, or other laws, within six months after the same shall have been declared forfeited, shall be entitled to epreference right to enter the same in accordance with the provisions of this not and of the homestead, pre-emption, or other laws, as the case may be, and shall be regarded as having legally settled upon and occupied

aid lands under said pre-emption, homestead, or other laws, as the case

may be, hom the date of such actual settlement or occupation; and in case any such settler may not be entitled to thus enter or acquire such land under existing laws, he shall be permitted, within one year after the passage of this act, to purchase not to exceed one hundred and sixty acres of the same, at the price of one dollar and twenty-tive cents per acre ; and the Secretary of the Interiori e hereby authorized and directed to make such rules and regulations ns will securetosaid actual settlers the Phvlso. beneiit of these rights: Provided, That the price of the even-numbered sections within the limits of said grant and adjacent to and coterminous with the uncompleted portions of said road, and not embraced within the limits of said grant for the completed portions of said road, is hereby reduced to one dollar and twenty-tive cents per acre. Z 1875, vm. 18, cb. Sec. 3. That the act of March third, eighteen hundred and seventy- 196, p.519. five, entitled “An act for the relief of settlers within railroad 1imits," is Repealed. hereby repealed. Approved, January 31st, 1885. Jan. 31,185. CHAP. 4'I.—A¤ not to authorise the n intment of n mm’ ——————1 of the United States to run and msrlstne boundary lines bcitxrlgenizypeéifnngidtng Indian Territory and the State of Texas, in connection with • similar commission to be appointed by the State of Texas. Pwqmblo. Whereas, the treaty between the United States and S ’n executed R•°*£*:§ °:;¥t: February twenty-second, eighteen hundred and nineteen, iifeud the bound- ,h'°"’h g li D M_ any-line between the two countries went of the Mississippi River as fol-

",,, g, .,,4 lows
Beginning on the Gulf of Mexico at the mouth of the Sabine

Tone, as w point River, in the sea, and continuing north along the western bank of that in b°‘m‘1“'Y 1m°· river to the thirty-second degree of latitude; thence by a line duo north to the degree of latitude where it strikes the Bio Boxo of Nnehitoches