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FORTY-EIGHTH CONGRESS. SESB. I. Ch. 237. 1884. 581 To Jacob S. Haldeman, of Cumberland County, seventy-three dollars P9¤¤¤ Y1V¤¤i¤» and fifty cents. ¤¢>¤¤¤¤¤d- To Elizabeth Jacobs, of Adams County, sixty-four dollars. To Jacob Krise, of Adams County, one hundred and forty dollar . To Jacob Keefauver, of Adams County, nineteen dollars and fifty cents. · To L. C. Kepner, of Franklin County, twenty-one dollars and ninety- two cents. I To Henry Keffer, of Adams County, one hundred and thirty-five dollars. . » To Samuel Kunkle, of Cumberland County, eight dollars. To Daniel H. Klingel, of Adams County, two dollars. To Martin Kroger, of Cumberland County, twenty-three dollars. To Abraham Lehman, of Franklin County one hundred and thirty- five dollars. To Henry Lenherr, of Franklin County, twenty-two dollars. To John Lantz, of Franklin County, eighteeudollars and twenty-four cents. To Jacob Lefever, of Adams County, ten dollars and sixty-four cents. To David M. Leisher, of Franklin County, one hundred and five dollars and ninety cents. To George Liudemood, of Cumberland County, forty-two dollars and thirty cents. To Jacob Lightfoot, of Franklin County, seventeen dollars and sixty- four cents. To Simon Lecron (`or Leckron), administrator of John Lecron, deceased, of Franklin bounty, one hundred and forty-two dollars and eighty cents. To Daniel Line, of Cumberland County, twenty-seven dollars and sixty-five cents. To Ephraim Myers, of Adams County, one hundred and forty-nine dollars and fifty cents. To Levi D. Mans, of Adams County, twenty-three dollars. To Jacob Myers, of Adams County, fifty-eight dollars. To Henry Myers, of Adams County, two hundred and nine dollars and sixty cents. To Williani McSherry, of Adams County, two hundred and fifty-six dollars and sixteen cents. To Robert C. McKinney, of Adams County, forty-seven dollars. To Newton M. Horner, administrator of Andrew McKinney, deceased, of Adams County, forty dollars. To Jacob McDonald, of Fulton County thirty-four dollars. To A. N. Michael, of York County, one hundred and seventeen dollars and fifty cents. To Andrew S. Mann (or Monn), of Franklin County, twenty-five dollars. To John Miller, of J., guardian of Susannah Young and John P. Young, and Eliza Young, widow of John Young, deceased, of Franklin County, seventeen dollars and fifty cents. To YVilliam Moner (or Mower), of Cumberland County, nine dollars. To Peter Noel, of York County, fifty-four dollars and thirty-seven cents. To Samuel Naugle, of Cumberland County, eighty-seven dollars and fifty cents. To Henry Oaks, of Franklin County, twenty-tlirec dollars and fifty Cents. To Susannah and Rebecca ( )oker, executors of William Ocker, deceased, of Cumberland County, one hundred and thirty-five dollars. To Bernard ()’N•;·al, of Bedford County, ten dollars. To J. W'. Porter, of Fulton County, sixty dollars. To David Rhodes, junior, administrator of David Rhodes, deceased, of Adams County, twenty dollars.